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UC-3 Data management[edit]

Number UC-3
Name Data management
Context N/A
Sub-Use Cases
Overview Data Management is responsible for the administration and maintenance of the database used to manage OAIS descriptive information and system information according to the policies established by the OAIS. It is also responsible for receiving query requests from Ingest and Access, executing those queries on the database, and providing responses to the requester.
  • Administer Database
  • Perform Queries
  • Generate Report
  • Receive Database Update
  • [Data Management Database]
  • Ingest>Generate AIP
  • Ingest>Co-ordinate Updates
  • Administration>Establish Policies and Procedures
  • Administration>Manage System Configuration
  • Access>Co-ordinate Access Activities
  • Access>Generate DIP
Successful outcome
  1. Administer Database receives database administration policies from Manage System Configuration
  2. Administer Database creates database schema and table definitions to support Data Management functions
  3. Receive Database Updates receives descriptive information update generated by Ingest>Co-ordinate Updates
  4. Receive Database Updates receives system information from Manage System Configuration
  5. Receive Database Updates updates the Data Management Database
  6. Receive Database Updates provides database update response to Ingest>Co-ordinate Updates
  7. Receive Database Updates provides report on status of database updates to Administration>Manage System Configuration
  8. Perform Queries receives a query request from Access>Co-ordinate Access Activities
  9. Perform Queries receives a query request from Access>Generate DIP
  10. Perform Queries executes query and generates a result set
  11. Perform Queries transmits result set to Access>Co-ordinate Access Activities
  12. Perform Queries descriptive information to Access>Generate DIP
  13. Generate Report receives a report request from Ingest or Administration
  14. Generate Report executes queries and assembles result sets into a report generates report
  15. Generate Report transmits report to Ingest>Generate AIP
  16. Generate Report transmits report to Administration>Manage System Configuration
  17. Generate Report receives Descriptive Information report request from Access>Co-ordinate Access Activities
  18. Generate Report executes query and generates Descriptive Information report
  19. Generate Report transmits report to Access>Co-ordinate Access Activities
  • OAIS p 4-2, s 4.1 "This entity provides the services and functions for populating, maintaining, and accessing both Descriptive Information which identifies and documents archive holdings and administrative data used to manage the archive. Data Management functions include administering the archive database functions (maintaining schema and view definitions, and referential integrity), performing database updates (loading new descriptive information or archive administrative data), performing queries on the data management data to generate result sets, and producing reports from these result sets."
  • OAIS p4-15, s "...query requests, which are executed in Data Management and return immediate result sets for presentation to the user; report requests, which may require a number of queries and produce formatted reports for delivery to the Consumer...."
  • OAIS figure 4-4 (section
OAIS fig. 4-4

This use case makes reference to query requests and report requests. The OAIS model distinguishes between a query request and a report request. A query request is a single query on the database, which produces results that are supplied to the requesting party. A report request is a request for information that may require one or more queries to produce the results, and the results are presented in a formatted report. (OAIS