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UC-3.1 Administer Data Management Database[edit]

Number UC-3.1
Name Administer Data Management Database
Context UC-3 Data Management
Sub-Use Cases
Overview Administer Database implements database administration policies and maintains database integrity.
  • Administer Database
  • Administration>Establish Standards and Policies
Preconditions UC-4.5 Establishing Standards and Policies
Trigger No direct trigger. Administration of database is ongoing, based on policy. Changes to database schema, definitions, and views can be triggered by receipt of new policies.
Successful outcome Database is configured consistent with the database administration policies
  1. Administer Database receives database administration policies from Administration>Establish Policies and Procedures
  2. Administer Database implements database administration policies (OAIS, p 4-9)
  3. Administer Database creates database schema (OAIS, p 4-9)
  4. Administer Database creates datbase table definitions (OAIS, p 4-9)
  5. Administer Database maintains database integrity (OAIS, p 4-9)
  6. Administer Database creates, maintains and provides access to customized views of database content (OAIS, p 4-9)
Citations OAIS page 4-9, s

"The Administer Database function is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the Data Management database, which contains both Descriptive Information and system information. Descriptive Information identifies and describes the archive holdings, and system information is used to support archive operations. The Administer Database function is responsible for creating any schema or table definitions required to support Data Management functions; for providing the capability to create, maintain and access customized user views of the contents of this storage; and for providing internal validation (e.g., referential integrity) of the contents of the database. The Administer Database function is carried out in accordance with policies received from Administration."


Not sure how to define succesful outcome, as the function does not have a definable output. The function is 'successful' if the database continues to be administerd according to OAIS Administrator's policies, and if the database's integrity is maintained.