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UC-2.2 Management of Storage Hierarchy[edit]

Number UC-2.2
Name Management of Storage Media
Context UC-2 Archival Storage
Sub-Use Cases None
Overview Manage Storage Hierarchy places AIP on appropriate storage media based on storage management policies.
  • Manage Storage Hierarchy
  • Error Checking
  • Administration>Manage System Configuration
Preconditions UC-2.1 Receipt of AIP
Trigger None. This is an ongoing function which continues even if no new AIP is received in storage.
Successful outcome Manage Storage Hierarchy positions the AIP on storage media; Manage Storage Hierarchy monitors error logs; Manage Storage Hierarchy provides operational statistics to Administration>Manage System Configuration.
  1. Manage Storage Hierarchy receives storage management policies from Administration>Establish Standards and Policies (OAIS Page 4-7 and Figure F-1:Composite of Functional Entities Page F-2)
  2. Manage Storage Hierarchy ensures the appropriate level of protection for the AIP based on storage management policies (OAIS Page 4-7)
  3. Manage Storage Hierarchy assigns AIP to appropriate storage media based on storage management policies (OAIS Page 4-7)
Citations OAIS Page 4-7, section "The Manage Storage Hierarchy function positions, via commands, the contents of the AIPs on the appropriate media based on storage management policies, operational statistics, or directions from Ingest via the storage request. It will also conform to any special levels of service required for the AIP, or any special security measures that are required, and ensures the appropriate level of protection for the AIP. These include on-line, off-line or near-line storage, required throughput rate, maximum allowed bit error rate, or special handling or backup procedures. It monitors error logs to ensure AIPs are not corrupted during transfers. This function also provides operational statistics to Administration summarizing the inventory of media on-hand, available storage capacity in the various tiers of the storage hierarchy, and usage statistics."

No internal trigger: commands are executed on operator level. Manage Storage Hierarchy isn't talking to Receive Data or any other function which talks to Receive Data, and does not know when a new AIP is received.