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UC-2 Archival Storage[edit]

Number UC-2
Name Archival Storage
Context N/A
Sub-Use Cases
Overview Receive Data transfers AIP into Archival Storage and ensures that it remains intact and retrievable over time
  • Error Checking
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Manage Storage Hierarchy
  • Provide Data
  • Receive Data
  • Replace Media
  • Access>Generate DIP
  • Administration>Manage System Configuration
  • Administration>Establish Standards and Policies
  • Ingest>Coordinate Updates
Preconditions UC-1 Ingest
Trigger Coordinate Updates sends AIP to Archival Storage>Receive Data (Step 2 of UC-1.5)
Successful outcome Provide Data is able to provide intact AIP to Access>Generate DIP upon receipt of access request
  1. Receive Data receives storage request and AIP from Ingest>Coordinate Updates
  2. Receive Data transfers the AIP to the assigned storage media
  3. Manage Storage Hierarchy receives storage management policies from Administration>Establish Standards and Policies
  4. Manage Storage Hierarchy assigns AIP to appropriate storage media based on storage management policies
  5. Manage Storage Hierarchy provides operational statistics to Administration>Manage System Configuration
  6. Replace Media migrates the AIP (replaces storage media) based on storage management policies
  7. Error Checking conducts error checking on stored AIPs
  8. Disaster Recovery implements disaster recovery policies such as duplication to remote storage facility
  9. Provide Data provides AIP to Access>Generate DIP upon receipt of access Request
  • OAIS 4-1, section 4.1 "This entity provides the services and functions for the storage, maintenance and retrieval of AIPs. Archival Storage functions include receiving AIPs from Ingest and adding them to permanent storage, managing the storage hierarchy, refreshing the media on which archive holdings are stored, performing routine and special error checking, providing disaster recovery capabilities, and providing AIPs to Access to fulfill orders."
  • OAIS figure 4-3 (section
OAIS fig. 4-3