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User should be able to open a DIP, review its contents and delete files if desired. User should be able to approve the DIP via the dashboard and the SIP should automatically upload into ICA-AtoM.

  • DIP should appear in dashboard with a bell icon and a description that reads: "If desired, review the DIP and remove any access copies that should not be uploaded into the public access system, e.g. for copyright or security reasons. Click "Approve" to upload the DIP to the access system."
  • User can open the DIP by clicking Open directory in the dashboard.
  • User can delete files.
  • User can reject the DIP (not yet implemented).
  • User can accept the DIP by clicking Approve in the dashboard.
  • Uploaded objects appear in ICA-AtoM, with any Dublin Core metadata elements mapped to the appropriate fields.
  • Once the DIP has been uploaded, a copy of the DIP is automatically placed in the uploadedDIPs directory.