Tests: Approve and store AIP

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  • AIP appears in dashboard with a bell icon to the left of it.
  • Tooltip box reads "If desired, review normalized files and any other content. Click "Approve" to move the AIP into archival storage."
  • User can open the AIP by clicking Open directory in the dashboard.
  • AIP is now a zipped package: <UUID>.zip
  • At the top level, the AIP consists of a /data directory and the following text files:
    • bag-info.txt
    • bagit.txt
    • manifest-md5.txt
    • tagmanifest-md5.txt
  • The /data directory contains the following subdirectories:
    • /logs
    • /logs/fileMeta
    • /metadata
    • /objects
  • The /data directory includes a METS.xml file.
  • The /data directory includes a checksum.sha256 file