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This page is no longer being maintained and may contain inaccurate information. Please see the Archivematica documentation for up-to-date information.

This page describes requirements for moving all Archivematica interface to the web dashboard, including file browser functionality for transfer and SIP configuration, normalization output review, and AIP and DIP review prior to upload to storage and access. (mockups forthcoming)



  • Login Archivist - archivist's name will be attached to all processing actions. (PREMIS agent)
  • Create structured directory (create three directories: logs, metadata, objects)


  • Restructure transfer for processing (put all contents into objects directory and create an empty log and metadata directory) (This should be automated)
  • Run checksum on transfer and place checksum in folder called checksum.md5 in the metadata folder (checkbox) This is in case the transfer hasn't arrived with a checksum already. (This was discussed - currently, the checksum assigment and checksum check should occur upon beginning transfer, prior to backup. Process should be automated.) In fact, all transfers will go through all microservices for transfers before they are "backlogged"
  • Backlog should be indexed
  • Assign transfer type (drop-down, user configurable: Generic, DSpace export, digitization output (Issue 713), VanDocs export, BagIt package (Issue 593))

0.9 Transfer.png

Transfer backup requirements: See Transfer_backlog_requirements

[edit] Create SIP

1.0 Mockup

1.0 CreateSIP.png

0.9 Mockup This mockup is outdated.

0.9 CreateSIP.png
  • Below the above contents, on the same page, would be the current 0.8 dashboard for Ingest, including popouts for tasks, etc, and decision points.
  • original order and arrangement (issue 964) captured as logical <structMap> in SIP METS file.
  • Report of actions in Create SIP is auto-generated

[edit] File Viewer

  • This will allow the user to see individual documents in the transfer to get a better idea of their contents and technical metadata before assigning them to SIPs.
  • Viewers are browser-dependent; viewer option is greyed out if viewer is not supported in browser
  • Examine Contents window allows for viewing technical MD and other metadata available after Transfer microservices as well as indexing MD

[edit] Examine Contents

1.0 ExamineContents.png
  • Opens in new tab
  • This will allow the user to examine contents of a SIP for keywords, use visualization tools, and identify restricted records (by keyword or by type, cc number, SIN number, etc), tag records or groups of records and apply some basic metadata that will be carried over to the description


  • Assign transfer backup location (what is it backing up? at which stage?) This could be a staging area, in case many transfers will become one SIP or more time is needed to begin processing ADMIN
  • Go to storage reports in DB on individual storage locations - see Issue 882
  • Transfer store = Backlog ; MD: name, accession #, uuid, transfer type, archivist, size of contents, number of files, date, file types? and other indexing results?, any reports? (FITS, clamAV, etc)
    • Accessions managed in ICA-AtoM or other content management system, linked in DB and in tab

0.9 AdministrationTab.png

[edit] More to come on this...

  • Archivematica compliant SIP creation, including:
       log of original directory structure, diff to new structure (using METS <structMap> to represent both)
       use METS <structMap> (or physical directory arrangement of SIP?) to represent archival arrangement for rebuild in access system (see Issue 380)
  • Change permissions of directory contents recursively (or should this be integrated in every step to avoid problems?)
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