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This page is no longer being maintained and may contain inaccurate information. Please see the Archivematica documentation for up-to-date information.

Configuration settings example[edit]

Here is an example of a complete set of config settings for Archivematica 0.10-dev which can be used for scalability testing. This will run a transfer through from Approve transfer to uploadDIP and select AIP storage location.

            <appliesTo>Workflow decision - create transfer backup</appliesTo>
            <goToChain>Do not backup transfer</goToChain>
            <appliesTo>Workflow decision - send transfer to quarantine</appliesTo>
            <goToChain>Skip quarantine</goToChain>
            <appliesTo>Remove from quarantine</appliesTo>
            <delay unitCtime="yes">50</delay>
            <appliesTo>Create SIP(s)</appliesTo>
            <goToChain>Create single SIP and continue processing</goToChain>
            <appliesTo>Select normalization file identification tool</appliesTo>
            <goToChain>file extension</goToChain>
            <goToChain>Normalize for preservation and access</goToChain>
            <appliesTo>Approve normalization</appliesTo>
            <appliesTo>Select compression algorithm</appliesTo>
            <appliesTo>Select compression level</appliesTo>
            <goToChain>5 - normal compression mode</goToChain>
            <appliesTo>Store AIP</appliesTo>
            <goToChain>Store AIP</goToChain>

Other configuration options[edit]


  • Normalize for access
  • Normalize for preservation
  • Do not normalize

Select compression level[edit]

  • 9 - ultra compression
  • 7 - maximum compression
  • 3 - fast compression mode
  • 1 - fastest mode
  • 0 - copy mode

UI mockup for configuration settings[edit]

  • This metadata entry template would appear when the user clicks on "Processing configuration" in the admin tab
  • For the approval (yes/no) steps, the user ticks the box on the left-hand side to make a choice. If the box is not ticked, the approval step will appear in the dashboard.
  • For the other steps, if no actions are selected the choices appear in the dashboard