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This page is no longer being maintained and may contain inaccurate information. Please see the Archivematica documentation for up-to-date information.

Feature description[edit]

Archivematica accepts transfers packaged in accordance with the Bagit specification.


  • All standard Bagit checks are run: verifyvalid, checkpayloadoxum, verifycomplete, verifypayloadmanifests, verifytagmanifests.
  • Archivematica differentiates between mandatory and optional bag elements so that if optional elements are not present the bag does not fail the verification micro-service.
  • The BagIt checks generate log files that will be added to the logs directory of the transfer.
  • The BagIt file manifest (manifest-sha512.txt) is placed in the metadata directory of the transfer.
  • The other BagIt files (bag-info.txt, bagit.txt, tagmanifest-md5.txt) will be placed in a logs/BagIt directory.
  • No new PREMIS events are required. The BagIt checks are recorded as a fixity check in PREMIS.


In this workflow diagram, the white ovals are manual steps and the grey ovals are automated steps.


Parse and index contents of bag-info.txt[edit]

  • Enhancements being developed in 2015

Parse bag-info.txt contents to AIP METS file[edit]

Source-Organization: Spengler University
Organization-Address: 1400 Elm St., Cupertino, California, 95014
Contact-Name: Edna Janssen
Contact-Phone: +1 408-555-1212
External-Description: Uncompressed greyscale TIFF images from the Yoshimuri papers colle...
Bagging-Date: 2008-01-15
External-Identifier: spengler_yoshimuri_001
Bag-Size: 260 GB
Payload-Oxum: 279164409832.1198
Bag-Group-Identifier: spengler_yoshimuri
Bag-Count: 1 of 15
Internal-Sender-Identifier: /storage/images/yoshimuri
Internal-Sender-Description: Uncompressed greyscale TIFFs created from microfilm and are...
  • Sample AIP METS file result:
<mets:amdSec ID="amdSec_14">
  <mets:sourceMD ID="sourceMD_1">
    <mets:mdWrap MDTYPE="OTHER" OTHERMDTYPE="BagIt">
          <Source-Organization>Spengler University</Source-Organization>
          <Organization-Address>1400 Elm St., Cupertino, California, 95014</Organization-Address>
          <Contact-Name>Edna Janssen</Contact-Name>
          <Contact-Phone>+1 408-555-1212</Contact-Phone>
          <External-Description> Uncompressed greyscale TIFF images from the Yoshimuri papers colle...</External-Description>
          <Bag-Size>260 GB</Bag-Size>
          <Bag-Count>1 of 15</Bag-Count>
          <Internal-Sender-Description>Uncompressed greyscale TIFFs created from microfilm and are...</Internal-Sender-Description>
  • When Bagit labels contain characters that are not valid XML labels, continue processing but print error message and skip labels with invalid content.

Search contents in archival storage tab[edit]

  • Add keyword field "Transfer metadata" to drop-down menu in search. This will search all the contents of the <transfer_metadata> container in the METS file (as indexed in ElasticSearch).
  • Add keyword field "Transfer metadata (other)" to drop-down menu in search. This will allow users to search individual fields in the <transfer_metadata> container.
    • When the user selects "Transfer metadata (other)" a separate box will appear which will allow the user to enter the label of the specific field to be searched.
  • Add ability to search date ranges.
    • To search on a date range in <transfer_metadata> or one if its sub-fields, the user enters two dates in ISO date format separated by a colon. For example, "2015-01-03:2015-04-14".