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[edit] UC-6 Access

Number UC-6
Name Access
Context N/A
Sub-Use Cases
Overview Consumer requests information about the content of the OAIS, delivery of DIPs from the OAIS, and other information about the OAIS's services. Access provides query results to Consumer, and prepares and provides DIPs to Consumer. Administration may also request delivery of DIP as part of a Archival Information Update (i.e., data migration).
  • Co-ordinate Access Activities
  • Generate DIP
  • Deliver Response
  • Data Management>Perform Queries
  • Data Management>Generate Report
  • Archival Storage>Provide Data
  • Administration>Archival Information Update
  • Administration>Activate Requests
  • Administration>Customer Service
  • Consumer
Trigger Consumer submits query via user interface
Successful outcome
  • Consumer receives requested results set, report and/or DIP; or,
  • Administration receives requested DIP for Archival Information Update
  1. Consumer submits query/report request
  2. Consumer submits assistance request
  3. Consumer submits dissemination request
  4. Administration submits dissemination request
  5. Access requests query/report request from Data Management
  6. Access requests descriptive information from Data Management
  7. Access retrieves AIP
  8. Access compiles query/report response
  9. Access compiles assistance resposne
  10. Access generates DIP from AIP and descriptive information
  11. Access delivers query/report results to Consumer
  12. Access delivers DIP to Consumer
  13. Access delivers DIP to Administration
  14. Access delivers assistance response to Consumer
  • System rejects dissemination request based on access policies
    • System informs Consumer that request has been rejected and states reason(s)
  • OAIS page 4-2 "This entity provides the services and functions that support Consumers in determining the existence, description, location and availability of information stored in the OAIS, and allowing Consumers to request and receive information products. Access functions include communicating with Consumers to receive requests, applying controls to limit access to specially protected information, coordinating the execution of requests to successful completion, generating responses (Dissemination Information Packages, result sets, reports) and delivering the responses to Consumers."
  • OAIS figure 4-7 (section
OAIS fig. 4-7
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