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This is the discussion page for the Archivematica Storage API (Issue #5158), requirements, and proposed implementations.

Initial Research

Goal: Look at all the places Archivematica currently accesses the filesystem, and categorize them.

Likely Categories:

  • Transfers
  • AIP Storage
    • done in one place: src/MCPClient/lib/clientScripts/
  • Backlog transfer
  • Processing
    • touched everywhere, in all the client scripts, with python and client scripts.
    • Probably best to keep local
    • Already set up to be moved with %sharedDirectory% as long as folder structure inside %sharedDirectory% is preserved

Ways Archivematica can touch the filesystem:

  • python's open()
  • python's shutil.{move|copy|rm}
  • python's os module (checking if file/directory exists, create directory, remove file)
  • cp, mv, mkdir, rm, chmod as client Scripts
  • dashboard configs (eg. AIP storage location, tranasfer source) javascript