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For the 1.0 Release

The data for the transcoder will need to be maintained by the FPR. The table structure will be maintained by the package.

All pk INT's will be replaced will UUIDs. This will allow for local customizations to be distinguished from the original data provided in archivematica.

All tables will have a replaces UUID column added. This column will be populated when a provided rule is replaced with an updated/custom one. As part of the update, the system will need to identify items that have been replaced, and update the foreign keys pointing at it to the updated rule. Warning: not all foreign keys are explicit in the database. Some are a "combined foriegn key", like Tasks Configs: Task type will inform the code what table to look at, and taskTypePKReference will specify the fk.


To separate data for the transcoder, we'll be using a series of mysql dumps. Once the FPR data is seperate, the developer can work on a means of populating that into their database, with the columns they require, and getting them into the database through an API.

Deployed Data management

For the 1.1 Release


Editing Data

For the future Releases

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