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Note: This page has not been updated since 2016. A full list of code contributors for the history of the project can be found here.

On this page we'll try to gather up all the information we can about anyone who has contributed code to the Archivematica project. If you've shared code that has been incorporated into a public Archivematica release, we want to acknowledge your contributions! Have we missed you or someone else you know? Help us fill this page in and keep it up to date!

Interested in contributing code to the public Archivematica project? Find out how here:

Artefactual contributors

Here's a list of code contributors working at Artefactual, past and present.

Artefactual code contributors
Joseph Perry
Jesús García Crespo
Austin Trask
Peter Van Garderen
Evelyn McLellan
Mike Cantelon
Justin Simpson
Holly Becker
Misty De Meo
Héctor Akamine
Santiago Collazo

Community contributors

Community developers who have submitted pull requests or patches for Archivematica which have been incorporated into a subsequent public release.

Community code contributors
Name Organization
David Rice MediaArea
Mark Jordan SFU Library
Marco Klindt The Zuse Institute Berlin
Daniel Lamb Discovery Garden
Andrew Berger Computer History Museum
Kieran O'Leary IFI Irish Film Archive
Marco Klindt Zuse Institute Berlin
Pieter De Praetere Packed
Vlastimil Krejcir Masaryk University
Michal Růžička Masaryk University

On Deck

A list of developers who have submitted pull requests or patches for Archivematica, which have not yet been incorporated into a public release

Up and Comers
Name Organization