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Get in touch[edit]

The Archivematica community discussion list is an open discussion forum for any Archivematica-related topic, including (but not limited to) community organizing, requirements analysis for new and prospective users, workflow configuration, preservation planning, and many more. If you are posting about an error, please include as much information as possible. This means including the following information:

  • The version of Archivematica you have installed
  • The system(s) you're using (Ubuntu, CentOS, which browser, etc.)
  • The content and size of your transfer(s)
  • The task information (click on the cog icon on the same line as the micro-service job where the error occurred) and show arguments data output

For installation issues, include the following information:

  • What version of Archivematica you are installing
  • If you are upgrading or installing fresh
  • If you are using something other than the recommended requirements from our installation instructions
  • Stack traces or results from error logs if possible

You can also find news about the Archivematica project on Twitter at @archivematica.

Regional user groups[edit]

Check Regional User Groups to find a group in your area. Interested in starting a group? Feel free to use the Discussion list to find other users in your area, and request a wiki account to add your details!


Archivematica has been installed for testing or production hundreds of times. If you don't see your organization here and would like to be included as part of the visible Archivematica community of implementers, request an account to edit the wiki yourself or email info[at]artefactual[dot]com with your information and we will add your institution here.

Institution Status Integrations
University of Alberta Libraries In production
Art Center College of Design In production AtoM
Bentley Historical Library (University of Michigan) Testing/development ArchivesSpace, DSpace
Borthwick Institute for Archives (University of York) Testing/development PURE, RDMonitor, Hydra
University of British Columbia Library In production CONTENTdm, DSpace, AtoM
Canadian Centre for Architecture Testing/development
Columbia University Libraries In production
University of Edinburgh Testing/development ArchivesSpace, DSpace
Harvard Business School, Baker Library Historical Collections In production
University of Houston Libraries In production
University of Hull Testing/development Hydra
MoMA - The Museum of Modern Art In production Binder, Arkivum
Rockefeller Archive Center In production ArchivesSpace
Sabancı University Sakıp Sabancı Museum In production
Simon Fraser University Archives and Records Management In production AtoM
Texas A&M University Libraries In production DuraCloud@TDL
City of Vancouver Archives In production AtoM
York University Libraries Testing/development OLRC
University Library, University of Saskatchewan Testing/development Islandora

Case studies[edit]

We'd love to receive narrative case studies from current or prospective Archivematica users. Let the community know how you decided on Archivematica, your path towards digital preservation, and your implementation trials, tribulations, and successes by adding your information to Archivematica Case Studies.

Contribute to the Archivematica project[edit]

Interested in contributing to the Archivematica project? Great! The two main ways that the community can contribute are through code contributions or by filing issues.

Code contributions[edit]

As an open source project, all of Archivematica's code resources are available on Github, where we welcome community contributions. For more information about contributing code to the project, please read the Contributing guidelines, located in the file in the Archivematica repository.

Most of the code in the public Archivematica releases has been written by Artefactual staff, but there is a growing list of community contributors. Check out the list here:

Filing issues[edit]

All issues about any part of the Archivematica project are filed on the Archivematica Issues repository. If you would like to file issues or make comments on existing issues, all you need is a Github account. If you would also like to add labels to issues and edit the Issues repo wiki you can request membership to the Issues-Committers team by filing an issue with the title ‘Request Membership’. We’ll add you to the team and you’ll be able to add labels and edit wiki pages.


Where possible, Artefactual tries to make all non-code resources openly available under a CC-BY-SA license. We strongly encourage re-use of these materials!


Archivematica Camps are intended to provide a space for anyone interested in or currently using Archivematica, to come together, learn about the platform and share their experiences.

Interested in organizing an Archivematica Camp in your region? Check out our Camp Hosting page!

Logo download[edit]

Need a logo?

  • 47KB translucent Archivematica logo download
  • 58KB solid background Archivematica logo download


we see your inherent vices : PDF


chmod -R 777 /the/past/is/open : PDF


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