Archivematica 1.5 Release Notes

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Archivematica 1.5.0[edit]

  • Sponsored (Rockefeller Archive Center) ArchivesSpace integration
    • Send DIP object metadata to ArchivesSpace
  • Sponsored (Zuse Institute) AIP DC and Rights MD Re-ingest Full AIP re-ingest requirements
    • Sponsored supports AIP versioning (METS file updates) #1564
    • Sponsored generate DIP from AIP after processing is complete - Issue #1843
    • does not support re-normalization
    • note that this work is only part of the entire AIP re-ingest feature, the rest is not yet sponsored
  • Sponsored (National Library of Wales) #8678
    • Sponsored Add levels of description to Submission Information Packages using AtoM REST endpoint to enforce controlled vocabulary
    • Sponsored Generate hierarchical structMap in Archival Information Package METS file
    • This development is concurrent with AtoM development including the following: generate hierarchical arrangement based on METS structMap, map levels of description in hierarchical METS structMap to Level of description element in AtoM information object, and display hierarchical arrangement in AtoM treeview
  • Sponsored (MIT Libraries) Revision to DIP storage procedures
  • Backend - Not user-facing
    • Update Django to 1.7

Storage Service 0.8.0[edit]

  • Sponsored (Zuse Institut) Changes to support AIP re-ingest
  • Unicode/METS fix Pull Request 38
  • Update Django to version 1.8