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[edit] Significant characteristics of word processing files

[edit] Preservation Format

  • Open Document Format (WPD)
  • Original format for DOC (starting in Archivematica 0.8)
  • Keep as RTF (RTF)

[edit] Access Format


[edit] Normalization tool

Unoconv/OpenOffice Writer Tool search in progress

[edit] Comments

  • Unoconv is used as a command-line tool to open OpenOffice, which performs conversions to both ODF and PDF/A
  • The files are converted to ODT, which is the OpenOffice extension for Open Document Format
  • OOXML and DOC files are left in their original format owing to their ubiquity and ongoing support by Microsoft
  • Normalization to Portable Document Format/Archival (PDF/A) may be an acceptable preservation strategy in addition to normalization to ODF using unoconv and OpenOffice.
    • For more information on the PDF/A format see Library of Congress Sustainability of Digital Formats: PDF/A-1.
    • PDF/A normalization of MS Word files is somewhat problematic because best results are achieved from within the native application - i.e. MS Office running in MS Windows. Archivematica does not support either Windows or MS Office since these are proprietary software packages.
  • Rich Text Format is still heavily used and can be opened in a large number of software programs. Although it is proprietary, it has a published, freely available format specification. In contrast, we'll continue to normalize wordperfect files to .odt because there is no published spec for the wordperfect format.
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