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  • Used pro_logic_ii_ravwav_44khz.wav from http://www.kellyindustries.com/sounds.html
  • Used the the following command to encode: flac -8 pro_logic_ii_ravwav_44khz.wav
  • Used the following command to decode: flac -d pro_logic_ii_ravwav_44khz.wav

Property Original Encoded to FLAC Decoded
Codec PCM Free Lossless Audio Codec PCM
Size 22,819,452 bytes 15,983,199 bytes 22,819,452 bytes
Duration 02:09:36 02:09:36
Channels 2 2 2
Channel mapping channelNum=0 mapLocation=LEFT, channelNum=1 mapLocation=RIGHT channelNum=0 mapLocation=LEFT, channelNum=1 mapLocation=RIGHT
SampleRate 44100 HZ 44100 HZ 44100 HZ
BitDepth 16 16 16
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