Validation check micro-service

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In the Github pull-request for DSpace REST API there is functionality for connecting and depositing to the DSpace 6.x REST API.

To allow for greater flexibility it is possible to designate the uuids of the destination collections in the transfer metadata.csv/json but if there is any problem with the configuration (collection doesn't exist, insufficient user permissions, wrong password, server down etc.) you wouldn't know about it until at the very end of the process, when the AIP/DIP get's stored.

User story[edit]

Before a SIP is created I want to know if the ArchivesSpace and DSpace identifiers that are included in a json file with a transfer are valid. I want to know this early on in the pipeline, before a SIP has been created.


Create an early Store AIP/DIP validation microservice where all supplied arguments are tested for validity.