UM transfer 1.2 Include checksums

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General overview[edit]

You can include checksums with your transfer if you have them. Archivematica will verify .md5, .sha1 and .sha256 checksums in the Verify checksums micro-service during the Transfer workflow in the dashboard.


  1. Place the digital objects into an /objects folder below the first level of the transfer.
  2. Place the metadata files in a /metadata folder at the same level as the /objects folder. Your checksums should be contained in text files named the following way: checksum.md5, checksum.sha1 or checksum.sha256.
  3. Begin your standard transfer in the Archivematica dashboard interface.
  4. If your checksum check fails, this micro-service will show an error. The micro-service line will turn red. The log for this is sent to the /logs folder of the transfer. The file in the log folder should look like "checksum.md5-Check-Tue Oct 14 13:56:51 PDT 2014"