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[edit] General description

Users may wish to send their transfers to a backlog for storage until they are ready to be retrieved and processed at a later date. Sending transfers through the micro-services in the transfer tab of the dashboard allows the repository a minimum amount of control over their digital objects. The transfer contents and METS file are indexed to facilitate retrieval.

This workflow assumes that users have sent transfers to backlog from the end of the transfer workflow in the dashboard, in the Micro-service: Create SIP from Transfer, Job: Create SIP(s) dropdown menu. (Option 2 in Step 7 in Transfer-Process the transfer)

[edit] Retrieve from backlog

  1. Use the Transfer backlog search bars at the top of the Ingest tab to find the transfer(s) or file(s) you'd like to ingest. (figure 1) If you'd like to see files from your transfer backlog, click the box next to Show files? when you search. (figure 2)
  2. From the Transfer backlog search results, you can click on "Create SIP" next to the transfer you'd like to process.
  3. In the Ingest tab, your SIP will be waiting for a user decision. Select "SIP creation complete" from the dropdown menu.
  4. Continue processing using the ingest workflow. See Ingest
  5. Once you've created an AIP and uploaded it to archival storage, your transfer will be removed from the backlog and the index will be updated.
Figure 1 Transfer backlog search results
Figure 2 Transfer backlog search results with Show files selected
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