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[edit] Subversion

The Archivematica project source code is managed in a version controlled repository called Subversion. It enables users and developers to keep their own copies of the code up to date when changes are made to the codebase by other developers. It also allows developers to go back and checkout the code as it existed at any time in the past.

Subversion is a well-documented open source project. The Subversion book is written by the lead developers and published by O'Reilly Media. You can buy a copy or read it for free on the web.

The Gallery project and MediaWiki project also have good documentation on how to use Subversion.

[edit] Clients

If you are using a Linux or Unix system, a Subversion command line tool should already be available on your system. The Subversion command line tool offers excellent online documentation. It is great for quickly reminding yourself of the command line syntax. Use this command to read the online documentation:

$ svn help

A full list of other Subversion clients is available here. For Windows users we recommend TortoiseSVN.

[edit] Browse

The public code repository is hosted at Google project hosting.

[edit] Checkout

See these instructions for details about checking out from the code repository.

[edit] Update

Use this command to update a previously checked out working copy:

$ svn up

[edit] Contribute code

See the contribute code page for details on how to patch bugs and contribute new code to the project

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