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Released September 12, 2018.


[edit] New

[edit] Asynchronous processing

Sponsored by Jisc

This is a performance enhancement that decreases the possibility of timeouts by moving packages asynchronously.

[edit] Support for S3 Storage

Sponsored by Jisc

Amazon S3 storage is now supported for AIP storage location.

[edit] Changed

[edit] Move files directly

Sponsored by Columbia University Library

This is an efficiency enhancement: files are now moved in one step instead of two if both locations are local. Previously, the Storage Service always moved files in two moves.

[edit] Fixed

  • Cannot store compressed AIP in non-local file systems Issue 145
  • Implement new style of Python classes Issue 332
  • Allow lower case input in aip reingest API Issue 325
  • Pointer file creation causes unnecessary move operation Issue 365
  • Locations can't be created via the API Issue 367
  • SWORD API points can't be called in certain configurations Issue 312
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