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NOTE: This wiki page was originally created on It has been moved to the Archivematica wiki because it relates to the development of Archivematica. It was originally created and editied in January 2012.

Customized digitization output workflows[edit]

Digitized images[edit]

  • Issue 1: RAC requires access copies to be generated from service copies, not master versions
    • Requirement: Archivematica looks for the service directory and generates access copies from its contents only
  • Issue 2: RAC adds suffix to filenames to indicate whether a file is master copy or a service copy: for example, 123456_m.tif for a master, 123456_me.tif for a service copy ("me" stands for "master-edited")
    • Requirement: Archivematica ignores suffixes - i.e. anything after an underscore? (Joseph, is this doable?)

Textual records[edit]

  • Issue: RAC creates a single-page master TIFF file for each page of a textual record (such as an RAC Officer's diary) and one multi-page PDF file to serve as an access copy for the entire textual record
    • Requirement: no new Archivematica programming required. We can place one copy of the PDF in the objects directory and one copy in the access directory. Archivematica will make the link between the two PDF files and create a DIP from the access folder.