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Tool Version Description License
Ubuntu Linux 9.0.4 Interface with computing hardware GNU General Public License (GPL)
EXT3 filesystem 9.0.4 Local storage, organization and batch processing of digital objects within the virtual appliance GNU General Public License (GPL)
File Information Tool Set (FITS) 0.2.5 File format identification and validation software integration tool GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
DROID 4.0 File format identification BSD
JHOVE 1.4 File format validation and metadata extraction GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
NLNZ Metadata Extractor 3.4 File format identification and metadata extraction Apache Public License (version 2)
Clam AV (anti-virus) 0.95.2 Anti-virus toolkit for UNIX GNU General Public License (GPL)
Xena 4.2.1 Normalization of objects from proprietary formats to xml-based non-proprietary formats, including Open Office Document (ODF) format GNU General Public License version 2 (GPL2) 3.0.1 Office software suite; invoked by Xena to normalize office documents to ODF GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
md5sum scripts (makeMD5 and checkMD5) 1.0 Checksum generation and verification scripts GNU General Public License (GPL)
BagIt script 0.96 Standard and script to package digital objects and metadata for archival storage n/a
Samba/CIFS 3.3.2 Linux to Windows interface; allows applications in the Ubuntu virtual appliance environment to use network storage made available via the Windows CIFS protocol GNU General Public License (GPL)
NFS-common 1.1.4 Network File System Access - allows access to files on network storage devices. GNU General Public License (GPL)
Qubit 1.0.7 Web-based archival description and access tool GNU General Public License v2 (GPL2)