RTF to ODT using OpenOffice

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File used was description.rtf. The normalized version is available at description.odt.

Although the documents appear identical on visual inspection, the characteristics as measured by MS Word (original file) and FITS (normalized file) are different. Even if both documents are opened up in one program - OpenOffice.org - the characteristics are different. Also, FITS, MS Word and OpenOffice.org do not measure or report on all characteristics. This points to the difficulty in measuring significant characteristics in RTF files and their normalized ODT versions. For testing purposes, visual inspections of the documents are required.

Property Original Normalized
File size 31,303 bytes 21,512 bytes
PageCount 2 3
WordCount 311 321
CharacterCount 1924 (2201 with spaces) 2277
ParagraphCount 33 34
LineCount 62
TableCount 1
GraphicsCount 0