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[edit] Current FPR Preservation formats

This table shows formats marked as Preservation in the FPR (updated as of August 2015).

FPR group File Format Version PRONOM ID Description
Audio WAV fmt/6 Waveform Audio
Audio WAV 0 fmt/1 Broadcast WAVE 0
Audio WAV Generic WAV
Audio WAV 1 fmt/2 Broadcast WAVE 1
Audio WAV 2 fmt/527 Broadcast WAVE 2
Audio WAV 2.0 x-fmt/397 Exchangeable Image File Format (Audio) 2.0
Audio WAV 2.1 x-fmt/389 Exchangeable Image File Format (Audio) 2.1
Audio WAV 2.2 x-fmt/396 Exchangeable Image File Format (Audio) 2.2
Audio WAV fmt/141 Waveform Audio (PCMWAVEFORMAT)
Audio WAV fmt/142 Waveform Audio (WAVEFORMATEX)
Email Archivematica Maildir Archivematica Maildir
Image (Raster) JPEG x-fmt/392 JP2 (JPEG 2000 part 1)
Image (Raster) Portable Network Graphics Generic PNG
Image (Raster) Portable Network Graphics 1.1 fmt/12 PNG 1.1
Image (Raster) Portable Network Graphics 1.0 fmt/11 PNG 1.0
Image (Raster) Portable Network Graphics 1.2 fmt/13 PNG 1.2
Image (Raster) Tagged Image File Format 1.0 fmt/436 Digital Negative Format (DNG) 1.0
Image (Raster) Tagged Image File Format 1.1 fmt/152 Digital Negative Format (DNG) 1.1
Image (Raster) Tagged Image File Format 1.2 fmt/437 Digital Negative Format (DNG) 1.2
Image (Raster) Tagged Image File Format 1.3 fmt/438 Digital Negative Format (DNG) 1.3
Image (Vector) Adobe Illustrator Generic AI file
Image (Vector) Adobe Illustrator 1.0/1.1 x-fmt/20 Adobe Illustrator 1.0/1.1
Image (Vector) Adobe Illustrator 10.0 fmt/559 Adobe Illustrator 10.0
Image (Vector) Adobe Illustrator 11.0 fmt/560 Adobe Illustrator 11.0
Image (Vector) Adobe Illustrator 12.0 fmt/561 Adobe Illustrator 12.0
Image (Vector) Adobe Illustrator 13.0 fmt/562 Adobe Illustrator 13.0
Image (Vector) Adobe Illustrator 14.0 fmt/563 Adobe Illustrator 14.0
Image (Vector) Adobe Illustrator 15.0 fmt/564 Adobe Illustrator 15.0
Image (Vector) Adobe Illustrator 16.0 fmt/565 Adobe Illustrator 16.0
Image (Vector) Adobe Illustrator 3.0/3.2 fmt/418 Adobe Illustrator 3.0/3.2
Image (Vector) Adobe Illustrator 4.0 fmt/419 Adobe Illustrator 4.0
Image (Vector) Adobe Illustrator 5.0/5.5 fmt/420 Adobe Illustrator 5.0/5.5
Image (Vector) Adobe Illustrator 6.0 fmt/422 Adobe Illustrator 6.0
Image (Vector) Adobe Illustrator 7.0 fmt/423 Adobe Illustrator 7.0
Image (Vector) Adobe Illustrator 8.0 fmt/557 Adobe Illustrator 8.0
Image (Vector) Adobe Illustrator 1.7 fmt/417 Adobe Illustrator 88
Image (Vector) Adobe Illustrator 9.0 fmt/558 Adobe Illustrator 9.0
Image (Vector) Adobe Illustrator fmt/421 Adobe Illustrator Japan
Image (Vector) OpenDocument Graphics Generic ODG
Image (Vector) OpenDocument Graphics 1.0 fmt/139 ODG 1.0
Image (Vector) OpenDocument Graphics 1.1 fmt/296 ODG 1.1
Image (Vector) OpenDocument Graphics 1.2 fmt/297 ODG 1.2
Image (Vector) Scalable Vector Graphics Generic SVG
Image (Vector) Scalable Vector Graphics 1.0 fmt/91 Scalable Vector Graphics 1.0
Image (Vector) Scalable Vector Graphics 1.1 fmt/92 Scalable Vector Graphics 1.1
Image (Vector) Scalable Vector Graphics 1.2 fmt/413 Scalable Vector Graphics 1.2
Package PKWARE Zip x-fmt/263 ZIP file
Package Website Aggregate ISO 28500 fmt/289 WARC (Web ARChive)
Package Website Aggregate 1.0 x-fmt/219 Internet Archive 1.0
Package Website Aggregate 1.1 fmt/410 Internet Archive 1.1
Package Website Aggregate Internet Archve (Generic)
Package Website Aggregate Mozilla Archive Format
Portable Document Format PDF 1.5 fmt/19 Acrobat PDF 1.5
Presentation Microsoft Powerpoint Generic Powerpoint
Presentation Microsoft Powerpoint 4.0 fmt/179 Powerpoint for Macintosh 4.0
Presentation Microsoft Powerpoint 98 fmt/180 PowerPoint for Macintosh 98
Presentation Microsoft Powerpoint 2001 fmt/181 Powerpoint for Macintosh 2001
Presentation Microsoft Powerpoint X fmt/182 PowerPoint for Macintosh X
Presentation Microsoft Powerpoint 4.0 x-fmt/88 Powerpoint 4.0
Presentation Microsoft Powerpoint 95 fmt/125 Powerpoint 95
Presentation Microsoft Powerpoint 97-2002 fmt/126 Powerpoint 97-2002
Presentation Microsoft Powerpoint 2007+ fmt/487 Macro Enabled Powerpoint 2007+
Presentation Microsoft Powerpoint 2007+ fmt/215 Powerpoint for Windows 2007+
Presentation Microsoft Powerpoint 2007+ fido-fmt/189.ppt Microsoft Office Open XML - Powerpoint (FIDO extension)
Presentation Microsoft Powerpoint x-fmt/87 Microsoft Powerpoint Show
Presentation OpenDocument Presentation Generic ODP
Presentation OpenDocument Presentation 1.2 fmt/293 ODP 1.2
Presentation OpenDocument Presentation 1.1 fmt/292 ODP 1.1
Presentation OpenDocument Presentation 1.0 fmt/138 ODP 1.0
Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel Generic Excel Worksheet
Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel X fmt/178 Excel for Macintosh X
Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel 8 fmt/61 Excel 97 Workbook
Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel 2007 fmt/445 Excel Macro-Enabled 2007
Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel 2007+ fmt/214 Excel for Windows 2007+
Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel 2007+ fido-fmt/189.xl Microsoft Office Open XML - Excel (FIDO extension)
Spreadsheet OpenDocument Spreadsheet Generic ODS
Spreadsheet OpenDocument Spreadsheet 1.2 fmt/295 ODS 1.2
Spreadsheet OpenDocument Spreadsheet 1.0 fmt/137 ODS 1.0
Spreadsheet OpenDocument Spreadsheet 1.1 fmt/294 ODS 1.1
Text (Markup) Cascading Style Sheet x-fmt/224 Generic CSS
Text (Markup) HTML Generic HTML
Text (Markup) HTML 2.0 fmt/97 Hypertext Markup Language 2.0
Text (Markup) HTML 3.2 fmt/98 Hypertext Markup Language 3.2
Text (Markup) HTML 4.0 fmt/99 Hypertext Markup Language 4.0
Text (Markup) HTML 4.01 fmt/100 Hypertext Markup Language 4.01
Text (Markup) HTML 5 fmt/471 Hypertext Markup Language 5
Text (Markup) HTML Generic XHTML
Text (Markup) vCard fmt/395 Generic vCard
Text (Markup) XML XML
Text (Markup) XML 1.0 fmt/101 XML 1.0
Text (Plain) CSV x-fmt/18 Comma Separated Values
Text (Plain) Plain Text x-fmt/111 Generic TXT
Text (Plain) Plain Text x-fmt/62 Generic LOG
Unknown Default Format Unknown file format
Video Material eXchange Format fmt/200 Generic MXF
Video Matroska fmt/569 Generic MKV
Word Processing Microsoft Rich Text Generic RTF
Word Processing Microsoft Rich Text 1.0 -1.4 fmt/45 RTF 1.0-1.4
Word Processing Microsoft Rich Text 1.5-1.6 fmt/50 RTF 1.5-1.6
Word Processing Microsoft Rich Text 1.7 fmt/52 RTF 1.7
Word Processing Microsoft Rich Text 1.8 fmt/53 RTF 1.8
Word Processing Microsoft Rich Text 1.8 fmt/355 RTF 1.9
Word Processing Microsoft Word Generic Word Document
Word Processing Microsoft Word 6.0/95 fmt/39 Microsoft Word Document 6.0/95
Word Processing Microsoft Word 97-2003 fmt/40 Microsoft Word Document 97-2003
Word Processing Microsoft Word 6.0 x-fmt/2 Microsoft Word for Macintosh Document 6.0
Word Processing Microsoft Word X x-fmt/129 Microsoft Word for Macintosh Document X
Word Processing Microsoft Word 3.0 x-fmt/273 Microsoft Word for MS-DOS Document 3.0
Word Processing Microsoft Word 4.0 x-fmt/274 Microsoft Word for MS-DOS Document 4.0
Word Processing Microsoft Word 5.0 x-fmt/275 Microsoft Word for MS-DOS Document 5.0
Word Processing Microsoft Word 5.5 x-fmt/276 Microsoft Word for MS-DOS Document 5.5
Word Processing Microsoft Word 1.0 fmt/37 Microsoft Word for Windows Document 1.0
Word Processing Microsoft Word 2.0 fmt/38 Microsoft Word for Windows Document 2.0
Word Processing Microsoft Word 2007+ fido-fmt/189.word Microsoft Office Open XML - Word (FIDO extension)
Word Processing Microsoft Word x-fmt/45 Generic Word Template
Word Processing Microsoft Works Generic Microsoft Works
Word Processing Microsoft Works 4.0 x-fmt/120 Microsoft Works for Windows
Word Processing Microsoft Works fmt/163 Microsoft Works Word Processor 1-3 for DOS and 2 for Windows
Word Processing Microsoft Works fmt/233 Microsoft Works Word Processor 3-4 for Windows
Word Processing Microsoft Works fmt/258 Microsoft Works Word Processor 5-6
Word Processing Microsoft Works 3 fmt/272 Microsoft Works Word Processor Macintosh 3
Word Processing Microsoft Works 4 fmt/273 Microsoft Works Word Processor Macintosh 4
Word Processing OpenDocument Text Generic ODT
Word Processing OpenDocument Text 1.0 fmt/136 ODT 1.0
Word Processing OpenDocument Text 1.1 fmt/290 ODT 1.1
Word Processing OpenDocument Text 1.2 fmt/291 ODT 1.2

[edit] Local customizations

If you have created local customizations to your FPR, your list may be different. To generate a CSV file containing the same data, run the following sql statement:

select fg.description, f.description, fv.version, fv.pronom_id, fv.description
into outfile '/tmp/preservation.csv'  FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' OPTIONALLY ENCLOSED BY '"'
from fpr_format f join fpr_formatversion fv on f.uuid = fv.format_id
join fpr_formatgroup fg on f.group_id = fg.uuid
where fv.preservation_format = 1;

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