PREMIS to InterPARES Chain of Preservation Metadata Crosswalk

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PREMIS metadata, organized by container and semantic unit, mapped to the InterPARES Chain of Preservation metadata elements.


PREMIS-COP Crosswalk by IP3 GRAs (PDF)

1. Object
1.1 objectIdentifier (M, R)
1.1.1 objectIdentifierType (M, NR)
1.1.2 objectIdentifierValue (M, NR)
1.2 objectCategory (M, NR)
1.3 preservationLevel (O, R) [representation, file]
1.3.1 preservationLevelValue (M, NR) [representation, file]
1.3.2 preservationLevelRole (O, NR) [representation, file]
1.3.3 preservationLevelRationale (O, R) [representation, file]
1.3.4 preservationLevelDateAssigned (O, NR) [representation, file]
1.4 significantProperties (O, R)
1.4.1 significantPropertiesType (O, NR)
1.4.2 significantPropertiesValue (O, NR)
1.4.3 significantPropertiesExtension (O, R)
1.5 objectCharacteristics (M, R) [file, bitstream]
1.5.1 compositionLevel (M, NR) [file, bitstream]
1.5.2 fixity (O, R) [file, bitstream] messageDigestAlgorithm (M, NR) [file, bitstream] messageDigest (M, NR) [file, bitstream] messageDigestOriginator (O, NR) [file, bitstream]
1.5.3 size (O, NR) [file, bitstream]
1.5.4 format (M, R) [file, bitstream] formatDesignation (O, NR) [file, bitstream] formatName (M, NR) [file, bitstream] formatVersion (O, NR) [file, bitstream] formatRegistry (O, NR) [file, bitstream] formatRegistryName (M, NR) [file, bitstream] formatRegistryKey (M, NR) [file, bitstream] formatRegistryRole (O, NR) [file, bitstream]
v1.5.4.3 formatNote (O, R) [file, bitstream]
1.5.5 creatingApplication (O, R) [file, bitstream] creatingApplicationName (O, NR) [file, bitstream] creatingApplicationVersion (O, NR) [file, bitstream] dateCreatedByApplication (O, NR) [file, bitstream] creatingApplicationExtension (O, R) [file, bitstream]
1.5.6 inhibitors (O, R) [file, bitstream] inhibitorType (M, NR) [file, bitstream] inhibitorTarget (O, R) [file, bitstream] inhibitorKey (O, NR) [file, bitstream]
1.5.7 objectCharacteristicsExtension (O, R) [file, bitstream]
1.6 originalName (O, NR) [representation, file]
1.7 storage (M, R) [file, bitstream]
1.7.1 contentLocation (O, NR) [file, bitstream] contentLocationType (M, NR) [file, bitstream] contentLocationValue (M, NR) [file, bitstream]
1.7.2 storageMedium (O, NR) [file, bitstream]
1.8 environment (O, R)
1.8.1 environmentCharacteristic (O, NR)
1.8.2 environmentPurpose (O, R)
1.8.3 environmentNote (O, R)
1.8.4 dependency (O, R) dependencyName (O, R) dependencyIdentifier (O, R) dependencyIdentifierType (M, NR) dependencyIdentifierValue (M, NR)
1.8.5 software (O, R) swName (M, NR) swVersion (O, NR) swType (M, NR) swOtherInformation (O, R) swDependency (O, R)
1.8.6 hardware (O, R) hwName (M, NR) hwType (M, NR) hwOtherInformation (O, R)
1.8.7 environmentExtension (O, R)
1.9 signatureInformation (O, R) [file, bitstream]
1.9.1 signature (O, R) signatureEncoding (M, NR) [file, bitstream] signer (O, NR) [file, bitstream] signatureMethod (M, NR) [file, bitstream] signatureValue (M, NR) [file, bitstream] signatureValidationRules (M, NR) [file, bitstream] signatureProperties (O, R) [file, bitstream] keyInformation (O, NR) [file, bitstream]
1.9.2 signatureInformationExtension (O, R) [file, bitstream]
1.10 relationship (O, R)
1.10.1 relationshipType (M, NR)
1.10.2 relationshipSubType (M, NR)
1.10.3 relatedObjectIdentification (M, R) relatedObjectIdentifierType (M, NR) relatedObjectIdentifierValue (M, NR) relatedObjectSequence (O, NR)
1.10.4 relatedEventIdentification (O, R) relatedEventIdentifierType (M, NR) relatedEventIdentifierValue (M, NR) relatedEventSequence (O, NR)
1.11 linkingEventIdentifier (O, R)
1.11.1 linkingEventIdentifierType (M, NR)
1.11.2 linkingEventIdentifierValue (M, NR)
1.12 linkingIntellectualEntityIdentifier (O, R)
1.12.1 linkingIntellectualEntityIdentifierType (M, NR)
1.12.2 linkingIntellectualEntityIdentifierValue (M, NR)
1.13 linkingRightsStatementIdentifier (O, R)
1.13.1 linkingRightsStatementIdentifierType (M, NR)
1.13.2 linkingRightsStatementIdentifierValue (M, NR)
2. Event
2.1 eventIdentifier (M, NR)
2.1.1 eventIdentifierType (M, NR)
2.1.2 eventIdentifierValue (M, NR)
2.2 eventType (M, NR)
2.3 eventDateTime (M, NR)
2.4 eventDetail (O, NR)
2.5 eventOutcomeInformation (O, R)
2.5.1 eventOutcome (O, NR)
2.5.2 eventOutcomeDetail (O, R) eventOutcomeDetailNote (O, NR) eventOutcomeDetailExtension (O, R)
2.6 linkingAgentIdentifier (O, R)
2.6.1 linkingAgentIdentifierType (M, NR)
2.6.2 linkingAgentIdentifierValue (M, NR)
2.6.3 linkingAgentRole (O, R)
2.7 linkingObjectIdentifier (O, R)
2.7.1 linkingObjectIdentifierType (M, NR)
2.7.2 linkingObjectIdentifierValue (M, NR)
2.7.3 linkingObjectRole (O, R)
3. Agent
3.1 agentIdentifier (R, M)
3.1.1 agentIdentifierType (M, NR)
3.1.2 agentIdentifierValue (M, NR)
3.2 agentName (O, R)
3.3 agentType (O, NR)
4. Rights
4.1 rightsStatement (O, R)
4.1.1 rightsStatementIdentifier (M, NR) rightsStatementIdentifierType (M, NR) rightsStatementIdentifierValue (M, NR)
4.1.2 rightsBasis (M, NR)
4.1.3 copyrightInformation (O, NR) copyrightStatus (M, NR) copyrightJurisdiction (M, NR) copyrightStatusDeterminationDate (O, NR) copyrightNote (O, R)
4.1.4 licenseInformation (O, NR) licenseIdentifier (O, NR) licenseIdentifierType (M, NR) licenseIdentifierValue (M, NR) licenseTerms (O, NR) licenseNote (O, R)
4.1.5 statuteInformation (O, R) statuteJurisdiction (M, NR) statuteCitation (M, NR)