PPT to PDF/A-1a using OpenOffice

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  • File used was PP_test.ppt, created using MS Powerpoint version 11 (2003). Normalized version is PP_test.ppt, created using OpenOffice 3.1.1.
  • The converted file was verified as conforming entirely to the PDF/A-1a standard (file was opened in Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 and analyzed using the preflight tool).

Property Original Normalized
File size 301,056 bytes 314,581 bytes
PageCount 7 7
WordCount 134
ParagraphCount 38
GraphicsCount ThumbnailClip, Microsoft Graph Chart
Fonts Arial, Wingdings, Balloon OpenSymbol, DejaVuSans, TimesNewRoman, Arial, and variants, eg Arial+BoldItalicMT
Features hasOutline yes; hasAnnotations no; hasForms no