NEF to DNG using DNGConverter

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1. Conversion to DNG using DigiKam with DNGconverter plugin

  • File used was RAW_NIKON_D40_SRGB.NEF, taken from (click on ENGLISH > NIKON > D40)
  • Values taken from ExifTool metadata, FITS report)

Property Original Normalized
FileSize 5.2 MB 5.4 MB (see note)
ImageWidth 3040 3039
ImageHeight 2014 2014
BitsPerSample 12 16
Compression Nikon NEF Compressed JPEG (see note)
XResolution 300 300
YResolution 300 300
SamplesPerPixel 1 1

Note: during conversion "lossless compression" setting was used. If this setting is not used, the image is uncompressed and the filesize is 12MB.

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