Meeting 20140108

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Archivematica Development[edit]

  • Holly has been working on getting automated testing into Archivematica - reading about frameworks, how to write tests, starting to set them up in Archivematica (issue #6159).
  • Mike C added the ability to search originals pane, including by accession ID, in SIP browser (issue #6134). The UI implementation was tricky and there's still one bug I'm dealing with.
  • Misty finished up the work from issue #6067 to allow arbitrary non-Unicode paths, which required changes to both the storage service and Archivematica.
  • Misty also diagnosed an issue with the forensic image branch, which turned out to be related to having an old Python dependency installed.
  • Holly quick-fixed issues #6160 and #6161 where format information and associated event weren't getting populated. Will need a solution that better fits with the FPR in future.
  • Holly fixed most of issue #6162 where normalization rules weren't being recorded correctly. Needs update for existing FPR rules (or verification that download of new rules works).
  • Holly started working on verifying/ensuring that the FPR gets updated properly (issue #5825).
  • Mike C added writing of copied files and directories to arrange log file during SIP arrangement (issue #6135).
  • Holly worked on LOCKSS support - implementing the discussed API, and meeting with Mark Jordan yesterday to discuss it in more detail (issues #5425 and #6009).
  • Misty got started on preparations for scalability testing.
  • Mike C fixed issues with adding directories from the SIP arrange panel (issue #6146).