Meeting 20130626

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  • Mike C did a lot of work on the Archivists Toolkit gui
  • Courtney put together some requirements for Digital forensics image ingest:
  • JustinS updated RAC's dev instance for testing + lots of dev work on that(rac-dev now has a complete Archivists Toolkit integration deployed)
  • ui will need a few more tweaks when Mike is back next week
  • Joseph did some work trying to finish up the DIP from AIP workflows.
  • Holly worked mostly on storage service and FPR stuff. #5259 , #4852
  • Courtney added a couple of new requirementsto the Advanced AIP index search, which is part of the work for Yale's forensic image workflow
  • Holly started working on a snazzier version of the FPR REST API, with lots of help from Justin ( #5272 )
  • Joseph been looking over the requirements for the disk images, and have some concerns I'm looking into. Namely: abilities to extract files when there is encryption...
  • Justin did some work on #5159 - AIP Pointer file
  • Holly did bits of work on getting the storage service aware of NFS (#5256), verifying filesystems exist (#5258) and a GUI for the storage service (#5260)


  • Lots of tech support for a lot of different clients