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[edit] Archivematica

[edit] Development

  • Archivematica 0.10-beta was released on Tuesday April 30!
  • Justin, Peter, Evelyn and Courtney had a roadmap mtg to deal with scheduling the next release and determine priorities etc.

[edit] Deployment

  • Evelyn and Justin will have a mtg to discuss client deployments and upgrades
  • Austin will build the virtual appliance version of Archivematica over the next few days
  • Austin needs to deploy 8-10 AM vms for AABC/NWA workshop on Saturday

[edit] Documentation

  • Courtney has completed a screencast for the new release
  • Courtney is updating the user manual and the AIP structure page
  • Austin updated the installation instructions page
  • Courtney has assigned 0.10 software page to Austin for updates
  • Courney has assigned the micro-services page to joseph

[edit] Chat Log

(10:26:24 AM) epmclellan: I can take notes
(10:26:44 AM) epmclellan: so anything new in the Archivematica universe? ;)
(10:26:59 AM) epmclellan: been a dull few weeks
(10:27:01 AM) djjuhasz: hmm, I swear there was something
(10:27:07 AM) ***MikeG- shrugs
(10:27:20 AM) courtney: .10 is freaking awesome
(10:27:25 AM) courtney: screencast is up
(10:27:26 AM) epmclellan: ok, for the record: Archivematica 0.10-beta has BEEN RELEASED!
(10:27:27 AM) joseph: :)
(10:27:28 AM) ***mcantelon stares blank-like
(10:27:43 AM) epmclellan: tweeting has started
(10:27:49 AM) djjuhasz: ***** WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO, Archivematica 0.10 ******
(10:27:55 AM) mcantelon: UNLEASH THE ARCHIVIST HOUNDS.
(10:27:57 AM) epmclellan: fridge has some bubbly in it!
(10:27:58 AM) djjuhasz: lol
(10:28:00 AM) courtney: epmclellan: austin said he's doing personal stuff today and starting the vm tonight or tomorrow morning
(10:28:02 AM) djjuhasz: epmclellan: yes!
(10:28:11 AM) epmclellan: courtney: k, thanks
(10:28:20 AM) MikeG-: woo
(10:28:32 AM) epmclellan: 'scuse me, pouring coffee...
(10:29:44 AM) epmclellan: y'all  didn;t have to go silent while I was doing that
(10:29:46 AM) djjuhasz: MikeG-: that was a sad little "woo"
(10:29:49 AM) MikeG-: lol
(10:29:49 AM) djjuhasz: ;)
(10:29:53 AM) MikeG-: it sounded cooler in my mind
(10:29:59 AM) courtney: it'd be great if all the archivematica peeps could have a look at this:
(10:30:00 AM) epmclellan: almost a "woo?"
(10:30:01 AM) djjuhasz: LOL
(10:30:20 AM) courtney: i've gone ahead and assigned a couple of tasks for austin and b22 for wiki updates
(10:30:36 AM) joseph: thanks
(10:30:58 AM) courtney: oh oops sorry joseph - didn't see you there
(10:31:24 AM) courtney: Sevein: I'll need you to handle the redirects
(10:31:37 AM) peterVG left the room.
(10:31:37 AM) peterVG entered the room.
(10:31:37 AM) peterVG left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
(10:31:42 AM) Sevein: courtney: ok
(10:31:43 AM) ARTi entered the room.
(10:31:45 AM) epmclellan: courtney: I'm probably going to turn my attention to project management and prep for trip to MoMA/RAC/Yale
(10:31:46 AM) Sevein: courtney: now?
(10:31:47 AM) joseph: I made some commits yesterday for the changes to how we're managing the database in the next release. I'll merge them with master later today
(10:31:51 AM) courtney: epmclellan: cool
(10:31:57 AM) courtney: Sevein: sometime this week
(10:32:03 AM) Sevein: courtney: I can do it right now if you want
(10:32:09 AM) courtney: Sevein: okey doke
(10:32:33 AM) courtney: joseph: great
(10:32:36 AM) JustinSimpson: joseph I think we should talk more about merging with master, before we put anything else in master, I suggest we keep all 1.0 work in a dev branch for now
(10:33:02 AM) epmclellan: JustinSimpson: I'd like to have a chat about our various client installs
(10:33:10 AM) courtney: joseph: we hope you'll direct your attention to some of the issues we pushed from .10 to 1.0
(10:33:12 AM) epmclellan: a little later today if possible
(10:33:20 AM) peterVG entered the room.
(10:33:28 AM) mcantelon is now known as m2
(10:33:34 AM) JustinSimpson: epmclellan yes we need to have a list of clients requiring upgrade to 0.10 and decide who is doing each upgrade and when
(10:33:44 AM) epmclellan: agreed, let's talk this afternoon
(10:33:47 AM) epmclellan: thanks
(10:34:05 AM) mcantelon entered the room.
(10:34:09 AM) m2 left the room (quit: Quit: Bye).
(10:35:15 AM) Sevein: courtney: done
(10:35:22 AM) epmclellan: We had a roadmap mtg to deal with scheduling the next release and determine priorities etc.
(10:35:22 AM) courtney: Sevein: you're the best
(10:35:35 AM) epmclellan: JustinSimpson:  and peterVG have been nailing down dev hours required
(10:35:47 AM) Sevein: epmclellan: regarding to the link to issues, I just disabled that function in the wiki, will try to solve it now. but just disabled for now so no links to googlecode.
(10:35:55 AM) epmclellan: ok, thanks Sevein
(10:35:58 AM) courtney: check it:
(10:36:06 AM) djjuhasz: Don't blink or you will miss Sevein's lightning moves
(10:36:08 AM) djjuhasz: :)
(10:36:11 AM) Sevein: :)
(10:36:33 AM) courtney: Sevein: ok let me know when you're done so i can update the dev roadmap with appropriate links
(10:36:34 AM) peterVG: courtney: you'll respond MarkJ about the ContentDM wiki page update?
(10:36:43 AM) courtney: peterVG: already did
(10:36:45 AM) Sevein: courtney: just use #12345
(10:36:45 AM) qubot: Links:
(10:36:50 AM) peterVG: courtney: great thx
(10:36:50 AM) Sevein: courtney: don't use mediawiki links
(10:36:56 AM) courtney: Sevein: cool
(10:38:16 AM) courtney: ARTi: it looks like i'll need somewhere between 8 and 10 instances of AM running for the tuturial Saturday afternoon
(10:39:34 AM) courtney: epmclellan: nancy emailed me and we'll be getting a tarball of the drupal trac auditor very soon
(10:39:46 AM) epmclellan: courtney: good to know, thanks
(10:40:26 AM) courtney: okey doke
(10:41:04 AM) courtney: hey Sevein - do you know how to set the youtube screencast still frame on the main page of the wiki so it's not black - so it's maybe somewhere in the middle of the video?
(10:41:10 AM) epmclellan: any docs news?
(10:41:16 AM) peterVG: courtney: djjuhasz we'll make installing that Drupal instance a task for ARTi
(10:41:23 AM) courtney: peterVG: great
(10:41:26 AM) epmclellan: courtney: I know you have been updating the user manual and you did a screencast
(10:41:36 AM) epmclellan: ARTi: are the installation instructions up to date?
(10:41:37 AM) courtney: i'm also updating AIP structure
(10:41:57 AM) ARTi: epmclellan: let me double check, I am pretty sure.
(10:42:00 AM) courtney: i've assigned 0.10 software page to ARTi for updates
(10:42:08 AM) courtney: and i've assigned the micro-services page to joseph
(10:42:10 AM) Sevein: courtney: just a sec
(10:42:14 AM) ARTi: courtney: this saturday?  need am running from packages?
(10:42:19 AM) epmclellan: ARTi: does that include stopping and restarting svcs to make sure DIP upload works?
(10:42:31 AM) epmclellan: i.e. that should be standard final installation step
(10:42:32 AM) ARTi: epmclellan: I think JustinSimpson added that
(10:42:32 AM) courtney: ARTi: tutorial - there is an asana task
(10:43:04 AM) epmclellan: courtney: what tutorial is this?
(10:43:12 AM) JustinSimpson left the room.
(10:43:22 AM) courtney: epmclellan: I'm teaching a tutorial workshop at the AABC/NWA meeting this Saturday
(10:43:27 AM) JustinSimpson entered the room.
(10:43:36 AM) courtney: 1:30-3:30 at UBC
(10:43:39 AM) epmclellan: right
(10:43:45 AM) courtney: so far 8 people have registered
(10:45:32 AM) Sevein: courtney: I don't know why youtube is not building these thumbnails, I just visited the video manager. It's weird.
(10:46:58 AM) epmclellan: any other Archivematica news?
(10:47:48 AM) epmclellan: k, calling this a wrap
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