Meeting 20130220

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  • Joseph
    • continued work with the FPR Rest API started with Mike C. This work included update to django in dev, and sorting on the last modified column.
    • metadata processing, to bring it under the objects directory of the AIP. #4596
    • getting manual normalization workflows to work with archivematica FPR ones.
  • Joseph upgraded our Django to 1.4.x and Mike C tested the dashboard
  • Evelyn and Mike C looked at TRIM DIP upload requirements together and Evelyn made a sample DIP
  • Evelyn began categorizing all our dev tasks in redmine
  • Justin working on upload to Archivists Toolkit feature for client #1885; testing against a copy of the client's AT db
  • Mike C
    • got rid of the MySQL dependency for AIP search, moving AIP metadata that was in the DB to ElasticSearch
    • changed transfer component copying to use rsync
    • found a Node ElasticSearch proxy (for adding access control, etc.). ES has no built-in access control.
  • Justin thinks ES issues are system configuration/installation issues rather than ES issues and need closer examination



  • some issues with DIP upload at client, Mike C has been troubleshooting it
  • Austin and Evelyn ave telecon with client today wrt technical requirements for their 0.10-dev install


  • Mike C made a script for troubleshooting Qubit-SWORD. src/archivematicaCommand/lib/utilities/
  • Courtney ongoing QA, making bags for testing