Meeting 20130213

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Archivematica meeting February 13, 2013


  • Mike C got dashboard grid paging working.
  • Joseph has been working on fixing a few various workflow errors. Relating to file permissions mostly.
  • Mike C's next priority is TRIM DIP upload, Evelyn will go over the requirements with him
  • Joseph is working on adding transfer metadata to objects directory (, then manual normalization workflow enhancement ( He has also said he can help with MikeG-'s outstanding work on FPR.
  • Mike C worked with Joseph to create an FPR REST API foundation.
  • Evelyn is working on requirements for dataset preservationm mainly using METS to create hierarchical AIP structure so that large datasets can be broken up into smaller AIPs and linked together
  • Peter and the AM devs will discuss receiving uploads from Islandora via SWORD Deposit REsT API at mtg on Monday
    • They will review our current Archivematica -> AtoM SWORD deposit implementation, likely upgrade to SWORD 2.0 in AtoM 2.0
  • Mike C has started looking at how to make Elasticsearch indexed data independent of MySQL (currently some of the AIP search data is augmented with supplementary MySQL data), but we want to get away from this so we can have multiple Archivematica instances share the same Elasticsearch AIP store.
  • Justin has made some progress on Archivists Toolkit upload, Evelyn has been working on requirements with the client




  • Courtney should finish her QA today/tomorrow