Meeting 20130130

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Archivematica meeting January 30, 2013



  • Joseph has been working on TRIM transfers, the ingest and metadata mapping pieces are complete.
  • Joseph has been working on automated transfer and ingest processing: It's been really slow going. Justin and Mike Cantelon will need to help out with design of API.
    • We need to have a way to blackbox the Archivematica system as a whole and having common APIs as the way for other systems to interact with it.
  • Mike C changed part of the dashboard transfer initiation to use rsync.
  • Justin has been working on upload to Archivists Toolkit.
    • Mike C will help Justin create the data entry template piece for that integration.
  • Courtney is currently reviewing all dev roadmap priorities and following up during next Wed mtg.
  • Joseph has been working on the manual normalization workflow, Evelyn will test it today
  • Courtney added outputFormat to the MCP commands table for preservation outcomes.




  • Joseph hasn't been able to get the large test maildir to process. It stalls after normalization. He' thinks there might be a threading problem with sub-jobs.
  • Justin scheduled scalability testing with 3 clients for 2nd half of February - UofA, CVA and UBC, starting February 18th, 1-2 days at each site, ending the next week. possibly doing a 2nd round in first week of march, depending on results from first round.
  • CONTENTdm DIP upload testing is ongoing, there's one bug with metadata upload to CONTENTdm. Mark Jordan is working on it.