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  • Mike C added AIP uuid and name searching
  • Mike C reworked look of AIP search page so the thumbnails are displayed more nicely
  • Mike C enabled facet filtering by file type to AIP search
  • Mike C added ability to download individual files from stored AIPs
  • Mike C added paging to normalization report, and it opens in a new tab
  • Mike C tested latest stable version of ES with Archivematica... Austin has updated the dev PPA
  • Mike C created a script to index AIP data repeatedly for ES stress testing
  • Mike C tried out Django REST frameworks and Sevein's suggestion (Tastypie) is best.
  • Justin worked on scalability testing
  • Joseph worked on maildir extraction ( - system in general is having some problems with that many files (20,000)
  • Joseph has been discussing how to avoid merge commits with Dev-helper with Jesus:
  • Joseph worked on file/directory permissions
  • Joseph made it so dev-helper uses some of the same code as the packages to create the db
  • Courtney inserting BitCurator workflow functions into AM workflow so their project can better integrate


  • Courtney caught up on most of QA, closed issues and/or provided feedback