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Artefactual Systems, Internal Archivematica Dev Mtg, 2012-10-24



  • Austin has been working on multiple VM deployment for distributed processing



chat log[edit]

<courtney> and created associated issues
<berwin22> I have been making great headway on implementing the normalization based on file identification tool workflows.
<courtney> hooooray
<courtney> maybe not the having the meeting was a good thing?
<berwin22> I'll be away next week. 
<peterVG> berwin22: okay, glad to hear it. re: progress
<courtney> i've completed Transfer backlog requirements with mockups as well:
<peterVG> berwin22: we can discuss outstanding issues and options tomorrow or Fri
<epmclellan1> I've been working with CVA on TRIM export requirements:
<epmclellan1> which I think will have to be VanDocs export requirements, they're not really generic
<berwin22> Friday may be better, tomorrow I may be away.
<peterVG> okay, great. so for sure on Fri. 
<courtney> that means I'll work from home tomorrow, come in fri
<berwin22> thanks courtney
<epmclellan1> I'll be at home on Friday, hope that's ok
<peterVG> i'll get debrief from you and we'll plan next steps for when you get back in Nov
<epmclellan1> it's in the calendar
<courtney> i'll need to update the create sip mockup a bit and sort of "reactivate" those issues so we have time to qa when mike's got something for us
<peterVG> epmclellan1: np, joseph and I can chat. I can always follow-up with you and courtney the week after or when berwin22 gets back
<epmclellan1> sounds good
<courtney> peterVG: i'll be here for it
<epmclellan1> thanks
<peterVG> courtney: okay, good
<courtney> peterVG: i may have to do a lot of the dirty work
<peterVG> okay, looking forward to all file mucking details
<courtney> peterVG, epmclellan1 it may be a good idea for us to quickly sit down tomorrow for maybe 1/2 hour about AM dev
<epmclellan1> sure
<peterVG> okay, np
<courtney> any more dev? mcantelon?
<courtney> oh, actually, wondering if i can hand an issue to fiver
<mcantelon> I was tied up last with with UBC DIP support and CVA stuff, so no, alas.
<fiver> courtney: what's the issue?
<courtney> fiver: might give you some practice with AM
<fiver> hm, relates a lot to the current roundtrip work. sure. 
<courtney> anyone opposed to this idea? peterVG, epmclellan1, JessicaB
<epmclellan1> sounds like a good idea to me
<JessicaB> no i think that was Peter's plan.
<courtney> hm, can't assign it to him in AM issues list
<peterVG> issue 1122 not loading for me
<peterVG> but yes, plan was to include Dan in Archivematica QA as well
<JessicaB> not loading for me either
<peterVG> so if that is a good transition issue, please go ahead
<courtney> it's mapping md from am to atom
<peterVG> perfect
<peterVG> googlecode not loading for me
<epmclellan1> me neither
<mcantelon> Weird, works for me.
<peterVG> i believe evelyn is an admin, she can add to group?
<peterVG> when its back up?
<courtney> cool, i added fiver to the list of owners in the AM issues list
<courtney> peterVG: i already did
<peterVG> there you go!
<fiver> creating asana task now - should i put this under AM dev or AM community support in Asana?
<courtney> AM dev
<courtney> mcantelon: will you have time to go over some of the new mockups/issues today?
<fiver> thx - task made - added epmclellan1 as follower...
<mcantelon> courtney: Sure... only thing I have scheduled is a 1 PM meeting with CVA.
<mcantelon> (phone meeting)
<courtney> cool
<JessicaB> fiver:  can you add me to the followers on your Asana task, so that I can stay in the loop over this critical component between the two systesm
<courtney> me too, por favor
<fiver> JessicaB: courtney: done
<JessicaB> thnx
<courtney> moving on from dev?
<epmclellan1> ARTi: how is CVA vm deployment coming along?
<epmclellan1> hmm, nm
<ARTi> epmclellan1: good, touched base with tuan yesturday about configuration.. just waiting for network info back
<epmclellan1> ah, thanks
<ARTi> Ive mostly been working on deployment
<ARTi> sfu/ubc/cvan all want the new stuff ^_^
<epmclellan1> they want the hottest new Archivematica vms
<peterVG> so idea there is to get MCP server with 3 processing client VMs configured and we pump through previous CVA SIPs and try to gauge how much throughput speed improvements we see
<ARTi> peterVG: yep, thats the plan
<peterVG> So epmclellan1 can you follow-up and line-up test SIPs
<courtney> ALL of the SIPs?
<epmclellan1> using CVA's stuff?
<peterVG> no, we're just testing for performance improvement right now
<epmclellan1> ah, ok
<peterVG> but we do want the same data to compare against
<peterVG> so a subset of already ingested SIPs
<epmclellan1> ok, I'll talk to Sue
<courtney> testing?
<courtney> i've been doing qa catchup, just a few outstanding that i'll need clarification from the folks who assigned them to me
<epmclellan1> nothing from me this week
<courtney> i'll send direct msgs to those involved.
<epmclellan1> on to docs?
<courtney> i got nuthin'
<epmclellan1> likewise
<berwin22> nothing
<fiver> niet....
<fiver> Non-sequitur: not sure exactly how, but we should aim for AM to be on this list next year, after 1.x release...  
<courtney> i have an issue to document dip structure, do we think that's necessary still?
<courtney> fiver: i like the idea, but i think it's hard when you're a "vendor"
<courtney> i think they like to give prizes to projects
<berwin22> I would say yes, if people plan to create DIPS for different systems by altering the archivematica dip
<mcantelon> fiver: Nice!
<courtney> even though we consider ourselves, in a lot of ways, a project
<epmclellan1> courtney: it would be a good idea to have DIP structure documented on the wiki