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Artefactual Systems, Internal Archivematica Dev Mtg, 2012-08-29


[edit] Development

  • Mike C stashed code to add time elapsed for tasks and paging for AIP storage
  • Mike C added option to globally disabled Elasticsearch indexing

[edit] Deployment

  • 0.9 RC deployed to the Rockefeller Archive Center and the University of British Columbia Library

[edit] Testing

  • Archivematica has been working with large archives (~5-40 GB)

[edit] Documentation

  • Evelyn wrote release notes for 0.9
  • Courtney worked on the user manual and created a screencast
  • Joseph updated the "about" page, the administrator manual, documentation of the MCP as a whole, the transcoder, and the workflows architecture
  • Mike C worked on the administrator manual, documenting the dashboard configuration pages

[edit] chat log

<epmclellan> I just re-opened
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<epmclellan> that needs to be fixed before release
<epmclellan> ARTi: berwin221 any ideas on that?
<mcantelon> Mike C stashed code to add time elapsed for tasks and paging for AIP storage.
<epmclellan> nice
<berwin221> see my comment on it
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<ARTi> berwin22 pointed out a package I dropped.  Ill re take a look at it
<ARTi> I had a number of conflicts a while ago, so I cleaned some things up
<epmclellan> ah, I think there was a compatibility problem, right?
<ARTi> Ill look at it now
<epmclellan> thanks
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<berwin221> try installing that package on the package build
<berwin221> then test
<epmclellan> sorry, I think that was partly my fault, I ok'd dropping the library
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<ARTi> berwin221: it looks like it has conflicts
<berwin221> fantasticle
<ARTi> w/ libavcodec53
<berwin221> pull livavcodec 53 I think
<ARTi> well, its just a little confusing what goes with what now that there is both ffmpeg and avconv
<epmclellan> yeah, it's a mess
<berwin221> maybe try with packaged install first
<berwin221> but I think it's uninstall libavcodec53, and install libavcodec-extra-53
<epmclellan> so I think this is the only problem standing between us and release today
<epmclellan> any other dev news?
<mcantelon> Mike C added option to globally disabled Elasticsearch indexing.
<epmclellan> deployment
<mcantelon> I guess for deployment, the RAC deployment?
<epmclellan> yes, and UBC
<mcantelon> Nice.
<mcantelon> UBC was 0.9 RC?
<epmclellan> yes
<courtney> when is CVA getting 0.9?
<epmclellan> don't know at the moment
<epmclellan> we haven't scheduled it yet
<epmclellan> we still have work to do on UBC deployment, upgrading ICA-AtoM and uploading DIPs to it
<epmclellan> setting up AIPsStore etc
<epmclellan> but 0.9 release has priority
<epmclellan> RAC was interesting deployment involving trip to London Drugs and a car battery
<mcantelon> Nice....
<epmclellan> docs news
<courtney> they have london drugs in nyc?
<epmclellan> production deployments are tricky, I've created a checklist at
<mcantelon> Mike C worked on the administrator manual, documenting the dashboard configuration pages
<epmclellan> courtney: maybe was some kind of american version
<epmclellan> I worked on release notes, they're ready to go
<courtney> courtney worked on UM
<epmclellan> courtney and I worked on release announcement
<courtney> mostly ready to go
<courtney> that's not quite complete -- need a blip about ICA-AtoM
<berwin221> I've done a number of wiki updates
<epmclellan> nice
<courtney> berwin221 did the "about" page, too
<epmclellan> that it for docs?
<courtney> yeah
<epmclellan> oh yeah
<epmclellan> that's a good one
<courtney> ^ berwin221
<epmclellan> getting this ready to go:
<courtney> we need to do all the redirects when the install download is ready for release
<epmclellan> yup
<epmclellan> I can do that
<courtney> i think there is an asana task... finding
<courtney> also, eidete works pretty well
<epmclellan> what's eidete?
<courtney> berwin221 will get a link to the screencast later today
<courtney> screencast software
<epmclellan> oh, good
<mcantelon> Awwwwsome.
<courtney> the other two we tried blow the machine
<courtney> also still getting frequent crashes of big comp
<epmclellan> what kind of crashes?
<epmclellan> you mean while testing Archivematica?
<courtney> same as before... random shutdown if i hit enter somewhere
<courtney> it's not AM, i don't think
<epmclellan> ok
<courtney> but it's something that we'll have to deal with 
<epmclellan> sure
<epmclellan> testing?
<epmclellan> lots of testing
<epmclellan> RAC's test SIP was 17.5 GB, btw
<epmclellan> their SIPs range from 5 GB to 38 GB
<epmclellan> so this is excellent scalability testing for us
<courtney> at CVA, the SIPs should be 35gb, but i was breaking them up for processing
<courtney> CVA could be another good scalability test later
<epmclellan> RAC is in production!!
<mcantelon> :o
<courtney> awesome
<Sevein> pro-what???
<Sevein> hehe
<epmclellan> whoah, I thought silence meant everything was busted!
<epmclellan> but I just heard back!!
<mcantelon> It's a trap.
<epmclellan> "I've run a few transfers through and everything seems to be going great."
<ARTi> yay!
<epmclellan> and by transfers they mean big fat suckers!
<epmclellan> ARTi: fantastic work at RAC
<ARTi> you too 
<epmclellan> thanks!
<epmclellan> btw, I got her to reduce compression on the AIP
<epmclellan> apparently that has sped things up considerably
<epmclellan> we took it from 5 to 1
<mcantelon> Nice.
<epmclellan> they have lots of space but not much time
<epmclellan> so seemed like the thing to do
<mcantelon> Wonder if there's any tech out there to accelerate compression? GPU-enhanced or some other magic?
<epmclellan> sounds like something to explore for 1.0
<epmclellan> I think mtg is done?
<berwin221> yup
<Sevein> congratulations guys
<berwin221> I shall leave for office
<epmclellan> thanks Sevein
<epmclellan> it's been a good week
<epmclellan> one pesky little Archivematica release to go
* berwin221 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<mcantelon> I'm glad we're doing a 0.9.1 too... will be a chance to smooth some things out...
<epmclellan> yeah, it seems like a good thing
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