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Artefactual Systems, Internal Archivematica Dev Mtg, 2012-08-08


  • Mike has been doing work on the rights template
  • Mike got AIP searching release-worthy, with the exception of a decent viewer for the JSON (I'm still looking for one)
  • Mike will add admin functionality for AIP index



  • Joseph has been been working with the sample PST from one of our clients, running it through the workflow
  • Austin managed to get some success converting to maildir
  • Evelyn has been testing the rights administration and rendering
  • Evelyn has been testing the ContentDM upload


  • Joseph and Courtney to update the release history for v0.9
  • Courtney to do a screencast for v0.9

chat log[edit]

<berwin22> there have been some problems extracting attachments
<berwin22> I'm working on isolating the emails that are causing the problems
<epmclellan> the conversion to maildir was via mbox using readpst, not the desired route
<epmclellan> and there may have been some conversion problems
<berwin22> there was an oddity, where the message content would also appear as an attachment
<epmclellan> so we are purchasing latest version of Outlook to try to load the pst file into that, then capture to maildir using offlineimap
<epmclellan> we have to figure out if there is a problem with these particular pst files or with the process itself
<berwin22> these attachments had a NULL/NONE name when extracting with the maildir attachment extraction script.
<epmclellan> mcantelon: has been doing a bunch of work on the rights template
<epmclellan> and I've been testing and giving feedback
<epmclellan> it's almost completed
<mcantelon> Mike got AIP searching release-worthy, with the exception of a decent viewer for the JSON (I'm still looking for one).
<peterVG> mcantelon: nice work on that so far mcantelon. 
<mcantelon> peterVG: Thanks!
<peterVG> can you pls work on ES API docs as soon as code free hits
<mcantelon> For sure.
<peterVG> we have telecon with UBC tomorrow so nice to report we've made progress
<mcantelon> Yeah, one thing I was thinking of quickly adding as a last minute thing is a rough ES admin page with the ability to report on the current number of documents indexed and to  flush the ES index.
<peterVG> mcantelon: if you have time that would be great.
<mcantelon> Cool... should be quick.
<peterVG> pls make sure its restricted to admin user :-)
<mcantelon> Ah, good point. :D
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<peterVG> the flushing bit
<peterVG> displaying total number of indexed docs would be nice for all users
<mcantelon> Cool.
<peterVG> and I guess when we're saying total number of indexed docs that's really saying total number of files right?
<peterVG> so that would be nice to display next to/under the total AIP storage number we already have on storage tab
<peterVG> x number of files stored (==# of ES docs)
<peterVG> ^ right?
<mcantelon> peterVG: Right.
<peterVG> groovy, can you do that pls?
<mcantelon> peterVG: Yeah, I'll put that in too. Should be quick.
<peterVG> thx!
<epmclellan> I'm just testing CONTENTdm DIP upload
<epmclellan> making sure it hasn't been broken over the last few weeks
<epmclellan> I think it's working properly but ran into an issue which is probably not code-related, I've emailed Mark & Austin about it
<epmclellan> mcantelon: what do you think our status is for code freeze?
<epmclellan> considering there are a few minor tweaks needed to rights template but nothing serious
<epmclellan> and a few little aesthetic things
<epmclellan> and ES indexing/search
<mcantelon> epmclellan: I think there's nothing major outstanding. The ES indexing/search works except for having a JS viewer for the raw data.
<epmclellan> ok, I haven't actually reviewed it yet but I can have a look today
<epmclellan> I know you've been working with peterVG on this
<epmclellan> so maybe end of day tomorrow?
<epmclellan> for code freeze?
<mcantelon> epmclellan: Yeah, sounds good.
<epmclellan> then Austin packages it, then Courtney & I test packages
<mcantelon> Cool.
<epmclellan> then we release, then we break out the champagne etc.
<epmclellan> :)
<peterVG> yahoo
<mcantelon> Haha sounds good to me. :D
<epmclellan> or chips and beer, I'm easy
<peterVG> okay, so then we should also get focused on docs
<epmclellan> yeah, we'll need installation instructions right away
<peterVG> let's review and update install docs when we do packages & VM testing (Evelyn & Austin?)
<epmclellan> ok
<peterVG> we'll also need to update 0.9 release history (Joseph & Courtney?)
<epmclellan> I'll leave the screencast to Courtney!
<peterVG> ...when courtney gets back next week
<peterVG> also screencast: courtney
<peterVG> yes, already discussed with her. she's up for it.
<berwin22> that's mainly pulling from the roadmap
<peterVG> ...and hoping to have ready in time of releaes announcement
<peterVG> berwin22: yes but it usually ends up being some extra work to filter, list, describe other closed issues for the release
<peterVG> ^ just want to recognize that it can easily be a day's work for someone
<epmclellan> and it has to be archivist-friendly
<epmclellan> as much as possible, anyway
<peterVG> "described closed issues" <- yes
<epmclellan> either Courtney or I can help
<epmclellan> I can probably make the time
<epmclellan> to help
<peterVG> great. sounds like we're ready for release prep work