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Artefactual Systems, Internal Archivematica Dev Mtg, 2012-06-06


  • Joseph worked on including empty directories in bags, to support the maildir format (Bagit spec doesn't support empty directories): issue 1009
  • Joseph worked on normalization of maildir to mbox
  • Joseph worked on including supplied structmap in METS
  • Joseph, Mark, and Mike have been trying to figure out how ContentDM DIP destination selection can be implemented
  • Courtney is investigating METS licensing



  • Courtney is doing a batch of QA work


  • Courtney wrote a iPres conference full paper submission

chat log[edit]

<berwin22> joseph - work on normalization of maildir to mbox
<berwin22> joseph - Work on including supplied structmap in mets
<djjuhasz> go go gadget archivematica
<courtney> Hi Archivematica
* berwin22 is now known as Archivematica
<Archivematica> hi courtney
* Archivematica is now known as berwin22
<courtney> thanks mcantelon for notes
<courtney> mcantelon: dev?
* ARTi hides *archivematica has become sentient*
<mcantelon> Haha
<epmclellan> hi
<ARTi> oh.. tis berwin22
<berwin22> Archivematica - the crazy sentient cyborg
<epmclellan> Joseph looks just like I always pictured a sentient Archivematica looking
<courtney> berwin22 said a lot ^
<epmclellan> oh, nm
<epmclellan> sorry
<courtney> mcantelon: ?
<mcantelon> I've been mostly tied up with migration stuff over the last week, but let me check quickly...
<djjuhasz> Qubit has required the mcantelon.  You may not have.
<djjuhasz> :P
<courtney> Sevein: this week, can you and berwin22 and/or mcantelon have a chat about user permissions - issues 922 and 996
<mcantelon> Haha... yeah, last week Joseph, Mark, and I emailed about how to deal with ContentDM DIP destination selection and that's about it.
<Sevein> ok cool whenever you want
<courtney> and then peter said it was all too complicated : )
<courtney> i'm investigating mets licensing
<djjuhasz> are the user permissions pretty simple, or are you guys thinking ACL?
<djjuhasz> ACL = scary
<mcantelon> djjuhasz: No, just classic user/perm stuff.
<djjuhasz> mmmmhhhhmmm
<mcantelon> djjuhasz: Yeah, ACL = PIA. :[
* djjuhasz goes to look at the issues
<mcantelon> If that's it for dev, any deployment stuff?
<Sevein> I think the biggest issue is keeping a separated database in Django for persistent data
<djjuhasz> oh oh, somebody created an archivematica blogspot account:
<djjuhasz> :(
<Sevein> Django supports that now, but it may require some updates in the code
<courtney> why sadface?
<courtney> i tweeted about it - Portuguese!
<ARTi> nothing on deployment from me,  Ive been wrestling running libreoffice as a service
<djjuhasz> yeah, but he's infringing the archivematica trademark :(
<Sevein> Brazilian Portuguese which confirms my suspects hehe
<mcantelon> Weird that a Portugese site has a *.ca domain... a tribute to Archivematica being based in Canada I guess...
<djjuhasz> there's nothing to say it's not an "official" archivematica page 
<Sevein> I think that the tld on blogpot is independent
<mcantelon> Sevein: What's the separated database for?
<Sevein> blogspot has probably a bunch of tld domains
<Sevein> mcantelon: for storing the user table
<mcantelon> Sevein: What about just in the same DB as the other stuff?
<courtney> i don't see it as malicious
<courtney> maybe we see what peter wants to do
<mcantelon> courtney: It means we have a superfan!
<Sevein> well, as long as you want to introduce the users every time the databse is refreshed
<courtney> mcantelon: that's how i view it
<berwin22> it's probably one of our stalkers/twitter followers
<mcantelon> Sevein: Haha... good point. I think the DB being refreshed should become a thing of the past once the software stabilizes but, yeah, that's something to keep in mind.
<courtney> berwin22: it has names on it ... clearly. it is people deploying at archives in brazil
<Sevein> so maybe the schema of these django auth tables can be added to that SQL dump that ARchivematica uses, but we can talk about that later
<mcantelon> Sevein: Ah, good idea.
<berwin22> that's what they want us to think
<mcantelon> berwin22: Hahaha... and so it begins. :o
<courtney> the only other meeting stuff i have, mcantelon, is that I have about a billion QA things to do today
<courtney> other than prep for next week's workshop, all I'm going to do is QA
<epmclellan> courtney: what are you focusing on?
<courtney> epmclellan: All the QA assigned to me
<epmclellan> oh dear
<courtney> epmclellan: it's why i wanted that draft off to peter
<mcantelon> Cool... any documentation news?
<epmclellan> nothing from me
<berwin22> Null
<ARTi> null++
<courtney> i wrote a paper for the iPres conference full paper submission