Meeting 20120221

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Artefactual Systems, Internal Archivematica Dev Mtg, 2012-02-21


  • Mike to begin incrementally adding Archivematica dashboard development, including file browser, to his workflow. Jesus will help with transition.
  • Archivematica 1.0 must support distributed processing infrastructure for scalability. Consider plan to go forward, report back in a couple of weeks (Mike, Joseph, Austin, Peter)
    • update CVA and dev Xubuntu to 12.04 (should contribute to solving mysql dropped connections, does not automatically commit transactions like 10.04) (Joseph, Austin, Mike, Peter)
    • Ceph/BtrFS to manage file systems
    • swap code for iNotify for watched directories, poll MCP for changes
    • log all dashboard actions
    • anticipate increase in mysql write traffic over time
  • Move normalization in to MCP (Joseph)
  • Consider AIP storage protocol for interface between dashboard and storage (like SWORD for Access) (Joseph, Austin, Mike, Peter)
    • duracloud APIs
    • ACE
    • SNIA
    • GIT restAPI
  • Other AIP storage issues
    • standardize AIP storage area requirements
    • file level versus SIP-level compression (Courtney)



  • Requirements for dashboard file browser to replace Thunar functionality (Joseph/Courtney)
  • end-user documentation, design requirements (with Balsamiq mock-ups) for indexing of transfers (wiki page), developer manual for system customization (Courtney)
  • AIP storage protocol wiki page (Courtney)