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[edit] Development

  • Joseph tackled the remiaining issues left on the roadmap in preparation for code freeze, including Issue 704 and 753
  • Jesus is finishing off DIP upload, including a dialogue box that uploads the DIP to a specified archival description using the permalink
    • The DIP can be uploaded with a parent or without (allowing the objects to be attached as direct descendants of the target description if desired)

[edit] Deployment

  • Our biggest requirement is having 0.8 PPA packages ready for upgrades at various clients starting next Wed, as well as 0.8 virtual appliance for lab installs for Archivematica courses in Ottawa & Toronto
  • Austin is cleaning up deployment at CVA because threads continue to run if SIPs and DIPs are left in storeAIP and uploadDIP and because the install wasn't fully configured for distributed processing

[edit] Testing

  • Lots of testing in prep for code freeze

[edit] Documentation

  • Joseph is updating dev environment and config documentation
  • Evelyn will work on user documentation when possible

[edit] Chat log

(10:38:50) epmclellan1: dev news?
(10:39:30) djjuhasz: Dev News: countdown to release 0.8-alpha
(10:39:40) peterVG: countdown is own, just a few criticals left?
(10:39:45) peterVG: is *on*
(10:39:54) berwin221: I tackled the remaining issues I had left on the roadmap page (704, 753)
(10:39:54) berwin221:
(10:39:54) berwin221:
(10:39:56) Sevein: I finished the upload dip dialog for the dashboard, including the checkbox for an intermediate record and make all the code ready for that
(10:40:18) epmclellan1:
(10:40:28) epmclellan1: very small list now, mostly QA review
(10:40:40) peterVG: Sevein: awesome
(10:40:45) peterVG: i have to qa the license update
(10:40:50) djjuhasz: Cripes, that DIP upload has been a lot of work
(10:40:51) peterVG: will do right after meeting
(10:41:00) ***djjuhasz feels for Sevein
(10:41:01) peterVG: pretty sophisticated feature
(10:41:02) epmclellan1: djjuhasz: yes
(10:41:15) djjuhasz: yeah, it sounds awesome
(10:41:17) epmclellan1: Sevein: what's left?
(10:41:21) peterVG: fortunately we have one of our best ninjas on the job
(10:41:26) Sevein: I did many wrong decisions unfortunately
(10:41:35) djjuhasz: totally new technology that's going to be great for both projects
(10:41:40) epmclellan1: totally
(10:41:45) djjuhasz: Sevein: they call that *learning*
(10:41:47) peterVG: there are no wrong decisions, only R&D outcomes
(10:41:48) mcantelon: Sevein++
(10:41:55) djjuhasz: :)
(10:41:56) peterVG: ^ exactly
(10:42:14) Sevein: well, I'd need more time to make the access tab capable to show the status of the uploads
(10:42:20) peterVG: Sevein: you've done great on this
(10:42:21) Sevein: but if we don't have it we can do that later
(10:42:26) epmclellan1: Sevein: should I be able to upload a DIP to qubit trunk now?
(10:42:26) Sevein: thank you
(10:42:35) epmclellan1: once I svn up of course
(10:42:37) peterVG: yup, lots of room for improvement but we got basic functionality off the ground now
(10:42:58) Sevein: epmclellan1: if you run dev-helper probably, but check that qubit has the SWORD plugin enabled
(10:43:03) epmclellan1: will do
(10:43:11) epmclellan1: you'll be in the office tomorrow?
(10:43:19) epmclellan1: in case I have problems today
(10:43:21) Sevein: yes
(10:43:24) Sevein: wed-thu-fri
(10:43:25) epmclellan1: great!
(10:43:28) epmclellan1: thanks
(10:43:31) Sevein: thank you
(10:43:44) epmclellan1: I'm very excited about 0.8, it looks fantastic
(10:43:56) peterVG: me too
(10:44:01) epmclellan1: the user interface looks good and the functionality is awesome
(10:44:25) JessicaB: Yay!
(10:44:29) epmclellan1: I'll continue to test today
(10:44:58) peterVG: so as for release schedule
(10:45:05) peterVG: epmclellan1:  and i were discussing yesterday
(10:45:29) peterVG: our biggest requirement is having 0.8 PPA packages ready for upgrades at SFU, UBC & RAC, starting next Wed at SFU
(10:45:48) peterVG: as well as 0.8 virtual appliance for lab installs for Archivematica courses in Ottawa & Toronto
(10:45:58) peterVG: need to have those avail for lab tech download by Tue
(10:46:11) peterVG: ARTi: how realistic is this?
(10:46:29) epmclellan1: heh...given that there's no wriggle room
(10:46:52) ARTi: Ive started to build packages off of the last few revisions, they built fine.. this week/weekend Ill be testing/tweeking them
(10:46:53) peterVG: epmclellan1: and I figured we just quietly release 0.8 for now and do the public launch with full docs, screencast etc when her and I are back from our monster 2 week trip at end of Jan
(10:47:13) epmclellan1: peterVG: I may be able to have enough user docs plus screencast before then
(10:47:34) peterVG: ARTi: right, I assumed you had already been doing that, so nothing that's causing any major issues for now, hopefully the last few code commits will be fine then
(10:48:11) peterVG: epmclellan1: awesome, point was that our biggest issue is we need release to make a number of client commitmens asap so we can delay public launch if necessary
(10:48:36) epmclellan1: ok, we'll be flexible about public release, but I'll see what I can do
(10:48:42) peterVG: cool
(10:48:48) epmclellan1: ARTi: would it help if I were available to test this weekend?
(10:49:21) ARTi: yeah,  I think we should be ok.  epmclellan1, that would be great..  Ill do some testing tomorrow to make sure there is nothing glaringly different about packages/dev
(10:49:22) peterVG: ARTi: what about VMs? it sounds like there are some config changes/updates that should be tested for?
(10:49:27) ARTi: and then we can do some deeper testing this weekend
(10:49:36) epmclellan1: ok
(10:49:39) peterVG: i.e. will Qubit server run peacefully next to MCP server in 0.8 vm?
(10:50:05) djjuhasz: epmclellan1:  is relevant to the DIP upload script we're using for CVA?
(10:50:09) ARTi: oO...  I think so,  isnt that what we have going at cva?
(10:50:15) Sevein: peterVG: AFAIK yes but you mean for the packaging?
(10:50:36) epmclellan1: djjuhasz: good question
(10:50:39) Sevein: djjuhasz: I wnat to do that one today
(10:50:55) djjuhasz: Sevein: cool, maybe we can discuss
(10:50:55) epmclellan1: yes, you may need to edit the script
(10:50:57) peterVG: Sevein: yes, I just wanted to make sure that these were taken care of in code updates and not new install/config requirements that Austin needs to be aware of when building the VMs
(10:51:03) Sevein: djjuhasz: it is qubit anyways, djjuhasz ok let's discuss that later
(10:51:22) djjuhasz: Sevein: good point @ it's a qubit feature
(10:51:24) ARTi: yes.. all install requirements of everything should be known by me.. so update the dev env wiki if...
(10:51:44) peterVG: ARTi:  like that Gearman config change we discussed yesterday
(10:51:49) ARTi: if I run into packaging issues it helps if I can clearly see the method the dev is setup as..
(10:51:55) ARTi: peterVG: that shouldnt affect the VMs
(10:52:07) djjuhasz: Just want to make sure we don't do it with the SWORD UI and not with the CLI script
(10:52:11) peterVG: Sevein: like issues with rsync for DIP upload which you chatted with Joseph with yesterday...
(10:52:26) Sevein: djjuhasz: mmmm let's tak ablout that later, not sure what you mean
(10:52:44) djjuhasz: Sevein: sounds good
(10:53:08) Sevein: peterVG: well that's fixed, I added that setting by default to so rsync is used even locally
(10:53:12) Sevein: peterVG: that will be okay
(10:53:22) peterVG: cool
(10:54:32) epmclellan1: any other dev news?
(10:54:44) epmclellan1: maybe on to deployment?
(10:54:54) berwin221: not from me
(10:54:59) epmclellan1: ARTi and I are currently deployed at CVA
(10:55:02) epmclellan1: :)
(10:55:22) peterVG: :-)
(10:55:25) ARTi: ^___^
(10:55:42) epmclellan1: issues with threads continuing to run and CVA not set up to use distributed processing
(10:56:18) epmclellan1: we have learned a lot from this deployment at CVA
(10:56:24) epmclellan1: it's been hard but very valuable, I think
(10:56:42) ARTi: agreed ^
(10:56:45) ARTi: great testbed
(10:56:55) epmclellan1: definitely
(10:57:14) epmclellan1: Testing news... lots of testing
berwin22 berwin221 
(10:57:28) djjuhasz: is the threads issue really deployment or a dev issue?
(10:57:28) epmclellan1: berwin221 are you available for testing today? Or are you working on issues?
(10:57:44) peterVG: agreed, this is the prototype, testbed, production process we want to follow, if only we could slow the calender :-)
(10:57:47) berwin221: I was thinking of working on some doc
(10:57:52) epmclellan1: k
(10:58:04) ARTi: berwin221: docs++
(10:58:09) djjuhasz: what's a doc? :P
(10:58:58) peterVG: berwin22 can you pls start by making sure the dev environment config docs are up to date, going to update mine today for demo at conference on Fri. expect to have a lot of people in our breakout session.
(10:59:14) berwin221: djjuhasz: something to help another developer try to make sense of my insanity
(10:59:58) epmclellan1: k, I think we're done
(10:59:59) berwin221: k peter
(11:00:20) epmclellan1: I haven't done minutes yet, will do them in a bit
(11:00:34) epmclellan1: over 'n out
(11:00:45) peterVG: awesome, peace-out
(11:01:06) epmclellan1: or as we say in paragliding, oh sh*t, the ground, ttyl
(11:01:21) mcantelon: Haha
(11:01:35) mcantelon: Good luck at CVA epmcellan1 and ARTi!
(11:01:43) epmclellan1: thx!
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