Meeting 20111207

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  • mike
    • Welcome to the team!
    • Work on rights insertion from the dashboard.
  • Joseph:
    • continuing push on METS.xml file.
    • Made transfer backup configurable, for a standard transfer.


  • Looking at a Dec 23rd code freeze.



  • Evelyn has been doing a lot of testing.

Chat log[edit]

(10:19:22 AM) berwin22: I've been continuing working with epmclellan to get a standardized mets file
(10:19:37 AM) epmclellan: we're pretty close now
(10:19:47 AM) peterVG: yay
(10:19:48 AM) berwin22: made backup an optional part of the workflow for a standard sip
(10:19:57 AM) epmclellan: to speed things up
(10:20:00 AM) berwin22: default is to skip the backup
(10:20:01 AM) epmclellan: this was requested by CVA
(10:20:26 AM) epmclellan: mcantelon is working on the rights component
(10:20:42 AM) djjuhasz: epmclellan: berwin22: man that METS file is a labour of love, eh?
(10:20:50 AM) epmclellan: for sure
(10:20:55 AM) epmclellan: way more complicated than PREMIS
(10:21:01 AM) djjuhasz: Maybe "love" is the wrong word :P
(10:21:07 AM) epmclellan: yeah
(10:21:53 AM) djjuhasz: isn't backup kind of, well important for that whole trusted digital repository thing?
(10:21:53 AM) peterVG: lMETS: bringing a warm XML hug to your AIPs
(10:22:00 AM) djjuhasz: lol
(10:22:02 AM) berwin22: should we speak to schedule?
(10:22:13 AM) epmclellan: backup is not always necessary, djjuhasz
(10:22:14 AM) peterVG: djjuhasz: CVA already had a seperate process for that
(10:22:17 AM) peterVG: they have backups
(10:22:19 AM) djjuhasz: right
(10:22:20 AM) djjuhasz: right
(10:22:26 AM) djjuhasz: that makes sense
(10:22:30 AM) epmclellan: yes, they may even have multiple bakcups already
(10:22:43 AM) epmclellan: it's just like quarantine, we offer it but it might not be used that often
(10:22:51 AM) ***djjuhasz chooses to ignore the "may" in that sentence
(10:23:07 AM) epmclellan: it's up to the institution not to foobar
(10:23:22 AM) djjuhasz: mcantelon: is working on the dashboard?
(10:23:34 AM) berwin22: can we put that on the wiki? "it's up to the institution not to foobar"
(10:23:38 AM) djjuhasz: sorry, berwin22 wanted to talk schedule
(10:23:42 AM) epmclellan: yes! for everything
(10:24:12 AM) epmclellan: I meant yes to the foobar thing
(10:24:17 AM) epmclellan: but we can also talk schedule
(10:24:29 AM) berwin22: I hear we're looking at a code freeze this month :)
(10:24:38 AM) epmclellan: Dec. 23
(10:24:54 AM) epmclellan: I'll review the issues
(10:25:00 AM) epmclellan: see if I can cull a few out
(10:25:00 AM) berwin22: all I want for christmas is an archivematica!
(10:25:09 AM) epmclellan: me too
(10:25:19 AM) mcantelon: djjuhasz: Yeah, just standard digging in codewise.
(10:26:36 AM) epmclellan: I think we're going to go over the schedule in detail at this afternoon's meeting
(10:26:53 AM) epmclellan: we all seem kinda tired and sluggish this morning, meeting-wise
(10:26:55 AM) djjuhasz: you have an afternoon meeting too??? what a coincidence ;P
(10:26:59 AM) epmclellan: heh
(10:27:20 AM) epmclellan: wow, Austin is handing out food
(10:27:35 AM) epmclellan: strawberries cooked in a computer
(10:28:44 AM) djjuhasz: whew
(10:28:48 AM) djjuhasz: well, that was exciting
(10:29:26 AM) djjuhasz: should we wait for Sevein, or move on?
(10:29:48 AM) epmclellan: move on, I guess
(10:30:44 AM) epmclellan: I've been doing lots of testing
(10:30:51 AM) epmclellan: the guys have been doing lots of fixing
(10:31:12 AM) epmclellan: uh...let's call this a wrap
(10:31:21 AM) berwin22: how are we doing on dashboard requirements for the release?
(10:31:32 AM) ARTi [~austin@] entered the room.
(10:31:34 AM) berwin22: I guess we can do that at our meeting later
(10:31:41 AM) epmclellan: I'll go over the issues today, berwin22
(10:31:49 AM) epmclellan: and see if I can get a better idea of where we are and where we need to be