Meeting 20110824

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  • Joseph made progress on the transfer to sip creation area
  • Joseph may have discovered a bug in a update to the dev env
  • Austin is working on getting the $hostname variable into upstart for logging


  • Joseph and Austin helped RAC get passed a max length of line issue with twisted


Chat log[edit]

(10:31:06 AM) ARTi: berwin221: time for a little philosophy?   
(10:31:33 AM) berwin221: lol
(10:31:40 AM) ARTi: I maybe the only person here.. maybe we will wait for next week :P
(10:31:45 AM) ARTi: ahh there ye'ar
(10:32:22 AM) djjuhasz: go guys go!
(10:32:36 AM) djjuhasz: we did our meeting with 2 people :P
(10:32:50 AM) Sevein: and from the same room
(10:32:52 AM) Sevein: :)
(10:32:58 AM) djjuhasz: plus, Misty might have news?
(10:34:00 AM) ARTi: I can do notes if there are notes to be had
(10:34:21 AM) Misty: Next week going to be a quiet one?
(10:34:34 AM) ARTi: oh yeah.. did some deployment friday with rac
(10:34:40 AM) berwin221: I've made progress on the transfer to sip creation area
(10:35:11 AM) berwin221: dealing with an odd problem on my dev box at the office
(10:35:13 AM) ARTi: Misty: not sure
(10:35:41 AM) berwin221: looks like it may have been related to the archivematica user not having access to my home directory, where my dev files exist.
(10:35:51 AM) berwin221: not sure if it's an update that caused this problem, or what
(10:36:08 AM) berwin221: </dev>
(10:36:15 AM) ARTi: Ive been working on the init scripts.  trying to get some system variables into the start of archivematica so we can have hostname based log files
(10:37:42 AM) djjuhasz: hmm, interesting
(10:37:46 AM) berwin221: ... ok that's a new one... my keyboard just rebooted (logitech g15)
(10:37:57 AM) djjuhasz: is that because you're pooling log files from distributed machines?
(10:38:14 AM) ARTi: djjuhasz: yeah, was working fine with init.d.. but not so much with upstart
(10:38:30 AM) djjuhasz: whooooosh
(10:38:39 AM) djjuhasz: straight over my head :P
(10:38:54 AM) ARTi: to different daemon systems.   
(10:39:04 AM) ARTi: the things that run apache/mysql/etc on boot
(10:39:15 AM) ARTi: two different*
(10:39:27 AM) djjuhasz: ah, googling "upstart" was very helpful
(10:39:28 AM) djjuhasz: :)
(10:40:05 AM) ARTi: deployment?
(10:41:23 AM) ARTi: Joseph and I helped RAC get passed a too much output PST,   this wont be a issue with gearman
(10:42:53 AM) JessicaB [] entered the room.
(10:42:55 AM) djjuhasz: too much output?
(10:43:15 AM) berwin221: The MCP is using a line based protocol
(10:43:22 AM) ARTi: twisted had a max input of 1million lines
(10:43:27 AM) berwin221: with a default max length of line set to 1,000,000
(10:43:27 AM) djjuhasz: lol
(10:43:28 AM) ARTi: we upped the anty
(10:43:38 AM) berwin221: the output for extracting the pst file exceeded that
(10:43:42 AM) djjuhasz: wow, that's a lot of lines!
(10:43:52 AM) berwin221: charactors
(10:44:03 AM) berwin221: it escapes line feeds to \n
(10:45:42 AM) ARTi: notes so far
(10:47:55 AM) ARTi: docs?
(10:48:22 AM) berwin221: none from me
(10:48:36 AM) berwin221: evelyn has been working on...
(10:49:00 AM) djjuhasz: graphs!
(10:49:04 AM) ARTi: graphs!
(10:49:13 AM) berwin221:
(10:49:13 AM) djjuhasz: evelyn was doing pretty graphs yesterday
(10:50:20 AM) djjuhasz: thems the ones!
(10:50:41 AM) ARTi: nice
(10:50:50 AM) ARTi: brb
(10:54:41 AM) berwin221: bbiab
(10:56:33 AM) ARTi: ok
(10:56:37 AM) ARTi: </fin>
(10:56:44 AM) Sevein: fin!
(10:56:51 AM) Sevein: good Spanish! :)