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As of 0.8 alpha, Archivematica no longer offers a Live DVD download.

  1. Download the appropriate Archivematica .iso file
  2. Burn the .iso file to a blank DVD
  3. Insert the DVD into your CD-ROM drive
  4. Turn off your computer
  5. Turn your computer back on, holding down the F12 key (the 'c' key if using a Mac)
  6. Choose the boot from CD-ROM option
  7. Choose the Live - boot the Live System option (which will load by default after 30 seconds as well)
  8. Wait for the logon screen to appear, then:
    • click on demo.
    • Select xubuntu session from the sessions option list at the bottom of the screen.
    • Enter the password "demo" without the quotes.
    • Select session.jpg
  9. Find the Workflow Instructions document in the Docs folder on the Archivematica workshop. This will give you basic instructions to help get your started.
  10. IMPORTANT: To shut down Archivematica, go to the top right of the desktop and click on the Quit button (the red arrow pointing to a door). Click the 'Shut Down' button. Give XUbuntu a few minutes to shut down.
  11. PLEASE NOTE: Live DVD is a read-only format used for demonstration purposes only. Any data you have added to the system is only stored in memory and will be lost once the system is shut down.

ShutdownMouseOver.png ShutdownMenu.png