Ingest Hardware Requirements and Architecture

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[edit] Hard Drives

[edit] Storage Transfer Drives (STDs)

Purpose: storage media for copies of acquired media or SIPs arranged by archivists


  • Minimize transfer time
    • Limiting factor for transfer rate is likely bus transfer rate, not read/write speed of disk.
  • At least 1TB in size
  • Flexibility to interface with different types of Producer systems
  • reliable, not prone to overheating


  • Internal drive, plus
    • Portable drive enclosure(s)
    • Interface Options - USB 2.0/Firewire
      • eSATA not desireable for transfer from producer systems - requires eSATA card on producer computer; still desirable for copying onsite

HDD formatting:

  • Windows - use NTFS
  • Mac - HFS+ (Mac non-journalled)
  • Linux - ext2

Need: 20-30 hdds 4-6 enclosures

[edit] STD copies

Purpose: Storage media for back-up copy of STD/SIP until ingest is complete and AIP storage is confirmed Requirements:

  • Different brands/manufacturers to minimize risk of systematic mfg failure

Same options as for STDs

[edit] DA Stations

[edit] Duplication Station

Purpose: Make back-up copies of STD

Requirements Processing power

Hardware PC - no Windows O/S (run Ubuntu natively) 2 or 4 bay enclosure w. eSATA connection

[edit] Processing Station

Purpose: Transforms SIP(s) taken from STD to AIP(s) and writes to Archival Transfer Disk (ATD)


  • Lots of processing power
  • I/O Interface; either:
    • USB/Firewire/eSATA ports
    • link to external hdd enclosure - multi bay (2-4 drives)

[edit] Archival Transfer Station

Purpose: Reads AIP(s) from ATD and uploads to networked archival storage



[edit] Mac Station

Purpose Appraising mac specific formats - mostly audio, video and image formats and related software

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