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There are multiple ways to install and use Archivematica 0.7-alpha. Once installed, consult the documentation for user instructions.

Virtual appliance[edit]

1. What is a virtual appliance?

2. Download your preferred virtual appliance format (sha256,md5sum):

3. If you don't already have a virtual machine player, we recommend VirtualBox. See these Virtual appliance instructions on how to load your Archivematica virtual appliance using VirtualBox.

Ubuntu Repository Package[edit]

We provide stable Ubuntu release packages as well as nightly build packages. These are available from the Archivematica Launchpad PPA (tested on x86. however 64-bit packages are available, testers welcome!).

These packages are used to create the Archivematica/Xubuntu virtual appliance available above. In addition to these we also use the clamAV ppa for the most up to date anti-virus engine (information on adding clamAV ppa).

A dedicated Xubuntu 10.04 machine(s) or partition is recommended for a production installation. A fresh Xubuntu 10.04 install is required to install Archivematica from the repository packages. Download Xubuntu 10.04

To add the Archivematica PPAs, run the following commands in terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:archivematica/release
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:archivematica/externals

install archivematica-shotgun (remember your mysql password, or leave blank for ease/demo):

sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude upgrade
sudo aptitude install archivematica-shotgun

run (you will be asked for your mysql password [the mcp db exists error is ignorable]):

sudo /usr/share/archivematica/vm-includes/

On a machine running Thunar (xubuntu 10.04). Run this to include the right click scripts.


Add Crontab for quarantine check (opens a text editor, if given choice choose nano)

sudo crontab -e

add the following to the bottom of the file, then exit and save (60 is the number of seconds to quarantine files) :

* * * * * flock -xn /var/lock/quarantine.lock /usr/lib/archivematica/MCPServer/delay/ 60 "/var/archivematica/sharedDirectory/watchedDirectories/quarantined"

reboot machine:

sudo reboot

By default, Archivematica installs the MCP server and single processing client on the same machine. See these instruction on how to add multiple clients.

Live USB key[edit]

  1. Download this .raw img: archivematica-0.7alpha-usb.tbz (1.1 GB)
  2. Use it to create a Live USB key: Build a Live USB disk
  3. See these instructions for getting started with the Live USB key: Use the Live USB
  4. Be forwarned, due to the slow speed of USB keys it may take a few minutes before SIPs appear in the dashboard.

Live DVD[edit]

  1. Download archivematica-0.7alpha-livedvd.iso, mirror (1.1G) (sha256,md5sum)
  2. Follow the instructions

Checkout from Subversion Repository[edit]

This is an option for developers that want the ability to customize or enhance their own Archivematica installation and/or contribute code back to the Archivematica project. See the Development environment page for further instructions.