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[edit] Release 0.7 documentation notes

[edit] Pre-Ingest Workflow process

Fall 2010: After Archivematica 0.6, we started thinking about processes that must occur prior to ingest.

We've defined Pre-Ingest to include Appraisal/Selection for Acquisition, Transfer, and Appraisal/Selection for Submission (aka SIP Creation).

We have drafted a City of Vancouver Digital Archives System Workflow that illustrates the Pre-Ingest through the Archival Storage phases. With the release of 0.7, we intend to integrate the Archivematica Workflow Documentation into this overview.

  • City of Vancouver Digital Archives System Workflow v.1: (PDF)

[edit] Appraisal

Note that overall, the Digital Archives System includes three kinds of Appraisal at three different stages: Selection for Acquisition which occurs prior to the first of these diagrams, Selection for Submission which occurs up to the point that the SIP is ready to ingest, and Selection for Preservation which happens during the appraisal pause in the 0.6 ingest workflow.

[edit] Rights Metadata

Regarding "rights metadata" on Slide 1.2 of the City of Vancouver Digital Archives System Workflow v.1:

  • Rights metadata (in OAIS “Access Rights Information”)
  • from OAIS: “The information that identifies the access restrictions pertaining to the Content Information, including thelegal framework, licensing terms, and access control. It contains the access and distribution conditions stated within the Submission Agreement, realted to both preservation (by the OAIS) and final usage (by the Consumer). It also includes the specifications for the applications of righs enforcement measures.
  • from OAIS discussion about PDI: “Access Rights provides the terms of access, including perservation, distribution, and usage of Content Information. For example, it would contain the statements to grant the OAIS permissions for preservation operations, licensing offers (for distribution), specifications for rights enforcement measures, as well as access control specifications.”
  • from OAIS examples of Access Rights Information: “Legal framework(s), Licensing offers, Specifications for rights enforcement measures applied at dissemination time, Permission grants for preservation and for distribution, Information about watermarking applied at submission and preservation time, Pointers to Fixity and Provenance Information (e.g. Digital Signatures, rights holders)

[edit] Previous releases

Documentation for the current 0.6-alpha release and previous releases can be found on the Archivematica wiki.

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