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Packaging and bug fix release - September 6, 2016

[edit] Archivematica 1.5.1

  • Archivematica and Storage Service packaged for CentOS #10129
  • Fixed error caused by files with diacritics #10155
  • Fixed incorrect file count caused by AIP reingest #10022
  • Fixed AtoM integration error (fetching levels of description) #10126

[edit] Storage Service 0.9.0

  • Sponsored (MoMA) Changes to support Arkivum integration
    • Enhanced download from Arkivum #9840
  • Sponsored (JISC) Automated DIP generation
    • Relate packages to one another #10081
  • Fixed metadata-only AIP reingest error that caused AIP size to be recorded incorrectly #10030
  • Backend support for Dataverse, for a future release of Archivematica
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