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Archivematica 1.2.0[edit]

Released September 2014

New features[edit]

  • Sponsored (Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries) For COPPUL hosting functionality at Bronze level, ability to process through to Transfer backlog only
  • Sponsored (SFU Archives) SIP Arrangement - Create one or more SIPs from one or more transfers in the Ingest tab Transfer and SIP creation - #1726, #1571, #1713, #1035, #6022
    • does not support taking content out of a SIP once it's been moved to the SIP arrangement panel
  • Sponsored (Harvard Business School Library) Directory printer - See requirements Directory printer for recording original order
  • Sponsored (Harvard Business School Library) OCR - See requirements OCR text in DIP
  • Sponsored (Harvard Business School Library) Store DIP - See requirements Store DIP
  • Sponsored (Yale University Libraries) Forensic disk image ingest #5037, #5356, #5900
  • Sponsored includes identification and flagging of personal information in transfers, as well as other bulk extractor reporting functions
  • Add ability to configure Characterization commands via FPR
  • Add verification command micro-service (verify frame-level fixity and lossless compression) #6501
  • Improvements to transfer start #6220Scalability: Add nailgun (improve performance of java tools like FITS)
  • View pointer files from Archival Storage and Storage Service
  • Improvements to file identification metadata in METS #
  • Include TIKA #5027 and DROID in packages so FPR can be configured to use them as identification tools
  • Include MediaInfo, Exiftool and framemd5 (maybe ffprobe) for characterization and metadata extraction instead of FITS #5034
  • Support Dublin Core metadata in JSON (as well as csv, which was already supported)
  • Updated FIDO with the most recent PRONOM IDs ([Version 77]) released July 18th, 2014

Archivematica 1.2.0 runs with a new version of the Storage Service, 0.4.0.

New and Updated Tools[edit]



Storage Service 0.4.0[edit]

This release allows integration with LOCKSS storage, adds a fixity checking app to the backend, and includes several developer features as well as features required for future releases of the Archivematica dashboard.

New features[edit]

  • Sponsored (SFU Library) LOCKSS available as an AIP storage location using PLN Manager "LOCKSS-o-MATIC" (AIP storage / API plugin) #5425 PR15
  • Sponsored (SFU) Ability to configure transfer backlog locations via the Storage Service #6131 PR#9
  • Sponsored (Harvard Business School Library) Manage DIP storage PR11
  • Sponsored (Museum of Modern Art) Fixity checking app #6597 , 1109 PR13
  • View pointer files from Archival Storage and SS #5716 PR5


  • Optimizations in moving files between Locations #6248 PR4
  • Streamlined creation of new endpoints with decorators PR14
  • New dependency added unar (and lsar) used to add support for AIP's with multiple Extensions (e.g., aip.tar.gz) #6764 PR15


  • Setting Location path from the user interface #5608 PR10
  • Allow email address to be used as username #6674 PR12
  • Ability to change internal processing space #6819
  • Editing users no longer results in server error #6717

Storage Service 0.3.0[edit]

Released April 10th, 2014

Includes backend enhancements and API-level changes only, with no direct user facing changes